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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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I saw your smile across the room
When you took a moment to find
If I was okay as I allowed you to
Dwell in your moment of success;

My heart is warmed by your eyes,
Beautiful hazel with a hint of joy
And I wonder how I was blessed
To experience one as divine as you;

If you only know my thoughts
Thinking back to our first day
When a man confident in him
Struggled to say a simple hello;

With patience of a doe you waited
Allowing me to overcome my fear
By placing my hand in yours and
Looking into my eyes to see me;

With a gentle embrace you comforted
With a confident hug you reassured
That no matter how far I may fall
You will be there to catch me;

When I walked with you down that
Long hall of the airport I remembered
The silence between us for the times
Before were so full of conversations;

I wore my sunglasses to cover my tears
I knew I had to be strong for us both
So that when we arrived at the gate I
Could collect your tears with mine;

As we embraced I thought of all we’ve
Shared and all we will through the molding
of our hearts and held you closer so
that the tears will dry on my shoulder;

and as I walked away I held my head high
for I felt your eyes on me and I kept my
pace for I knew if I slowed down then I
would stop, turn around and embrace you;

I couldn’t let you see my tears
I wouldn’t let the pain settle in me
For I knew the day would come
When I could love you forever;

I watched the plane taxi out as I felt
The first tear roll down my face and
I soaked my sunglasses as the plane
Took off carrying my love aboard;

As I returned to the car, my family asked
If I was okay for I seemed a little too quiet
So with my sunglasses covering my tear
Soaked face I looked to them and said,

“my best friend has gone home…”
but only for a moment for
i shall walk with you
hand in hand
woman to man
today we stand
as one and i
await to hold
you again so that
i can wipe away
all the tears...

weeping may endureht for a night,
but joy cometh in the morning...

i see the risinf of a new day together my love


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