Black Poetry : Depart alert while booty do artwork wreck the street with technique alert while she flirt, rap rude with aptitude shook with pie crust but left my boo


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May 11, 2006
look I won't rhyme because I don't have time
for blue sky research need pie I can touch and design
right now and tonight somehow get a chick
wet quick through conversation and stick
words in her ear even the birds can hear
how tweet and sweet they are so like a sincere
locust flock focus on the crop and pass the beer
NAW PLAYER I finish my spinach that replenish
my love my breasts are renown and like DENNIS
the menace come up with childplay OK a tennis
racket do exist one true kiss and we over the net
now we here in a drug store love galore and wet
been craving to start a day to hunt
see a slick Hummer
picked a number
Salem road to the right
release an app
be a she beast in this crap
the flow increase perhap
haters can at least snap
and write a rhyme OK
her thing brown and pink
boys sit around and think
and keep their cell phones
and become well known
in a chase for panties
"LOOK BOO now this is Black Hip HOP
in Virginia Beach from the tiptop
have fun in the room
girl this has begun to boom
and you're wearing some perfume
wanna sniff her breasts
and lift her dress
she got gift he's impress
she got pride by the load
with a boy on the side of the road
jest left the bar in a deft car
he plays a saxophone
but she may need a taxi home
she have stable breasts
that he's unable to access
he won't get a chance
for a wet romance
this juice witty and troubloed
how this can reduce a city to rubble
aw girl you got some black sweaty thighs
could reach in the hood make MC'S cry
bring them to tears
as his blings appears
to shine bright
thyis kid is hook
ready to abridge a book
go in the refridg and now cook
probably some pancakes
his plan is to shake
frying pans

Depart alert while booty do artwork
wreck the street with technique alert
while she flirt, rap rude with aptitude
shook with pie crust but left my books
on the bus, sent a boy to fetch them look
hot and proud but not allowed to leave
the room at home if boy squeeze
her waist she's doom they say oh please
boo give me some hard to resist after
a kiss so she reminisce on the disaster
and say nope and hope and stay dope now a boy
walks up, left a trail of exhaust fumes
had boss tunes on his CD and will soon
ask for a date, she's a female with pie crust
leave all the details try us its a plus or bust
she have pride and cake and wide awake
her ride take and hour to squash that make
it shine, shook no doubt and on the lookout
and her skirt is down when she flirt around about
town, this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH
she's a black Soul Sista with sweaty thighs teached
by boys, flow to the brain show and explain just how
we do and now curfew can slow hers down bow wow
who let them dogs out? My plan butter and my grand
mother made a dress for me, so my breasts be like hand
over fist, scripts never played from my things drips
have made a pool on the floor
maybe she have to school some more
she drink a brandy
and ate pink candy
LOOK BOO need a hot honey
that can make a lot of money
out of software she gave him
a boss stare, be fair
and prepare
to go in a particular direction
jest to get quicker affection
you hot boo
and he have a lot to do
if he's gonna make it to your house
on time arouse with strong lines a spouse
could be in the near future no Mickey Mouse
in this, he wanna construct a road and come
with a truck load of brick and stick some
tongue down her throat
and drown her with quotes
yeah boo his lyrical s clever
so he put materials together
over a period of time
and they become lyrics and rhyme
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