Chief Elder Osiris : Denying Self While Concentrating On Things Outside Of Your Self

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    Denying Self While Concentrating On Things Outside Of Your Self

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The only sign that will verify Black people are concerned about our present condition and position in life and is desirous of being Free, is the Time I see Black people turning to ourselves and giving the Black self the kind of attention that it need, in order to serve as a sign that Black people are ready to reclaim our Divine Mind, the only quality of Mind capable of qualifying us to see and know what it is that Black people need to do to save our Black selves.

    Because not until Black people begin to give the Black self the attention it need from a Divine Mind, Black people will continue to be the Real source of the Black Problem that is now being experienced in the world today.

    Black people are the only people that have been concentrated upon to be made to hate and deny the Black self, even when in a ranting and raving about how Black and Beautiful we are and how we throw around slogans indicating the want for Black power, and being Black Nationalist having a love connection to the Honorable Marcus Garvey and making claim of our tenure upon this planet and making claim to be goddess and gods, Black people action reveal the opposite of what we claim of ourselves and how much we do not know our Black selves, by the way we deny our Black selves today.

    The most compelling evidence of the fact that Black people are in a posture of denying the Black self, is the fact that Black people have lost authority and control of Afrika and has become the most self divisive people on this planet and have yet to show a desire to change the status of our Black selves upon this planet, as we reside in this evil world that now occupy this planet Earth.

    Black people have become a people infested with false profane pride, victims of the evil of personality disorder, wallowing in the clutches of the Trinity of Evil Spirit, which is controlled by profane and vain Ego, Envy, and jealousy, the Three musketeers of the Evil that haunts the Mind of Black People, as those three evil principles have taken up resident in the spirit of the Black self.

    Yet, here Black People are, always active concentrating on everything that is going on outside of the Black self and never giving attention to the inner self of Black people, a sure act that will maintain the present status of Black people, in the world today.

    Beloved, you can not correct the things that are happening out side of your self as long as you continue to deny your self, and not until you begin to give attention to the real problem that is affecting Black people, there will be no change of a Divine Nature to come to the lives of Black people, it can not be, as long as Black people deny giving the attention that need to be given to the Self of Black people and that attention must be toward the inside of your Black selves and not on the outside of your Black selves.

    The greatest problem that affect Black people reside inside of Black people and that problem will linger inside of Black people as long as Black people remain ignorant of who Black people are and that ignorance is manifested by where Black People are concentrating their attention to, and it is toward all that is happening out side of the lives of Black people and not inside of Black people, and as long as Black people deny the fact that it is our Mind that serve to be the greatest problem to Black people and we continue to deny that fact, then all else you look at Black people doing, is a sign of an Egoistical, Envious, and Jealousy motivation, a sure sign of Black people prolonging the Black life agony by denying the need of our Black selves, which is getting to know our Black selves.

    No way will such a knowledge and the know of such a need to know our Black selves will come to our attention, not until we begin to concentrate on the problem that reside inside of the Black life and that problem is the lost of our Divine Mind, without it, we can not begin to see what we need to do to get to know our Black selves and such knowledge will have you to know what Black people must do to save our Black selves from this evil world.

    It is all in how you Think of your selves beloved, and with the Mind we Black people now use, it have you believing that you really are aware of the problem that is attacking the lives of Black people, but you can not see with the present Mind that Black people now is using, because such a Mind keep Black people in a Dimension of fantasy and illusion and on such a Dimension, it cause Black people to be disillusion about the status of the Black self, not realizing that all that Black people do today is not in the Divine interest of the Black self, because Black people have not done what need to be done to stop denying the Black self and such a denial is verified by the fact that the lives of Black people are in such peril today.

    Beloved, here is the problem with Black people that cause us to deny ourselves, Black people have been made to be unaware of our need of our Spiritual Base, and the basis for our Spirituality is our Divine Mind, not just any mind, but our Black people Divine Mind, because it is the only quality of Mind that will prevent Black people from denying ourselves and such a Divine Mind is what develop and make manifest your Divine Spirituality.

    So you must come to be able to See, Spirituality is no more than the way you express your attitude and behavior and with the guidance of your Divine Mind, it will cause the Black life to function Divinely Spiritual, and when functioning in your Divine Spirituality, you will be compelled to fight for and Demand your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because then, in your Divine Mind, you will be able to see why Reparation is synonymous to Freedom, to Black people Freedom, and Afrika Freedom, and with such a Divine sight, you will be able to see why Black people must stop denying ourselves, an act in such a way that serve to Black people detriment in life.

    The life of Black people must come to know that this is a Fight of Duality that the Black life is up against, a Spiritual and Physical fight, but it is the Strength of the Black Spirit that will determine the physical strength of Black people, because in the final analysis the fight is for the Divine Mind of Black people, you know the method in how you use your Mind to inform you of things, because it is the quality of Mind that guide the life of Black people, meaning how you make decision about things affecting your life, that is what determine the quality of your Spirituality and it is Black people Divine Spirituality that will determine whether we will get to know our Black selves again, and with such Divine knowledge, which is required for you to have in order to know your self, without it, the Life of Black people will be able to tolerate not being Divinely Free.

    Such A Black Life status is evidence that Black people are living in such a way that it cause Black people to deny the Black self.

    So you see, Black people, there is a Spiritual War going on for your Divine Mind and it has been going on for millenniums and now you Black people have come to a Time that serve to be the End of such a Fight for your Divine Mind, and the Time has come around for the last Time that serve to the Black Life advantage to fight to become Divinely Spiritually Free, meaning that you must move with the attitude and behavior that reflect no toleration of not being in relationship with the Black Divine Self, a sign of black people being no longer in a state of denial of our Black selves.

    To learn more in detail what caused the lost of our Divine Spirituality and what we must do to regain an essential aspect of our lives, then follow the Links that will take you to my Book, Divine Spirituality.

    Links: iuniverse- Divine Spirituality spirituality spirituality osiris akkebala&pos=1

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