Black Poetry : demons and nightmares

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    Demons and Nightmares

    The deceit must stop and the truth must be made known
    I think I’m going to forever walk the earth alone
    without trust, or hope, who can be truly happy?
    In my eyes I’m a simple man, but no one can understand me
    I don’t know why I find it so hard to trust anyone but myself....
    I think I’ve seen so many people, do so much wrong..
    I lost my faith in humanity as a whole

    I hear it’s better to love and have lost than never loved at all
    that’s stupid, now I know just what I’m missing out on
    I would rather be foreign to the feelings and just go through life
    without the memories of things that were, and will never be again

    I’m part of the problem I know, too complex for my own tastes
    all my romance and passion, is now going to dry up and waste
    the flowing of this ink over paper is the only release I embrace
    otherwise my thoughts will stay bottled up in my mind
    because every time I voice them, I get the same confused reactions

    Understanding me will require you to look deep into yourself
    and see through the facade to the stark reality of your own mortality and spirituality
    life is a precious commodity, but it’s lost something in the translation
    people don’t embrace the things they used to

    Love is a lie that people speak every day, I wonder who knows what it even is now
    there’s too many people who don’t know exactly what they want
    so they get someone with a little of this, and someone else...
    With a little of that: Love is 2 hearts beating as one, and when one misses a beat....
    the other beats double-time until things work out

    Trust is a endangered species, teetering on the brink of extinction
    family and friends, things that used to mean much more than words
    now they mean just that: words. The respect people used to have for each other as a whole
    has disappeared under the enveloping shroud of envy, lust and greed
    I would sacrifice all earthly possessions to help someone truly in need

    The past for me is like a double headed demon: it hurt me then
    and continues to do so now. Why didn’t I listen to my mother’s advice?
    Now I’m a father, trying to raise a son in a world I don’t even want to be in
    what else can I teach him, but how to love his fellow man?
    How to stay true to what he believes in, no one else.
    That honesty is truly the best policy to apply at all times.

    I don’t wanna teach him wrong, but I’m not done learning myself
    that’s why I regret premarital sex more than anything else
    how can kids raise kids, it’s getting worse and worse
    they don’t know enough about life and themselves
    to properly educate a child on how to grow into a good person
    there are a few exceptions, I’m trying to be one myself
    hopefully I can rectify this thing I’ve done, I blame no one but myself

    Marriage... I won’t even go there..
    Anyone who is happily married, you have my best wishes
    but generally, marriage is nothing but some word, empty promises, and free food

    I thought I had an angel, my life was heading in a new direction
    but though she can be warm and soft and so close at times..
    At others she acts like we’re total strangers, and won’t tell me what’s on her mind.
    what the hell is this? Don’t tell me you want to make me happy and you love me
    and you won’t even open up to me...relationships should be like glass houses..
    No secrets

    I’ve been feeling a tug lately on my soul, I know what I need to do
    I’m reaching one hand out towards God, but the devil has me held in two...
    I have to break the invisible chains and free myself from within
    but like trouble, it’s much easier to get into, then getting out of a life of sin

    What can I do, but withdraw once again into myself
    the only freedom I feel, is trapped in my own mind
    it’s the only place people don’t have hidden agenda’s
    and two-sided tongues

    how long can I survive this way, nothing to look forward to
    living my life like a machine, hollow, empty, yet full of life
    I’ll have to adapt to being alone, I know I’m not the only one
    I just can’t wait until the day, my demons and nightmares are gone

    Derrick H.
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    New Jersey
    this piece spoke volumes to spoke the truth...and no doubt, life is hard my brother...i hope that you find the peace that you are seeking.
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    This is one of the most profound pieces I have read in a while, it speaks to me and for me.
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    under the sun
    ...sometimes it's hard to be in control and happy when all we seem to be rewarded with, are the negatives of life....but only you can make a change and it's not easy...but it is worth it, so much so, especially for your son..