Black Spirituality Religion : Demonized by World Patriarchy

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    [​IMG] know exactly who was first to raise the dead, heal the infirm, and foretell the future and it sure wasn't Jesus, the Christ nor the Volcanic God, Jehovah or whatever name(s) one wishes to bestow upon these false deities.

    Eye know that matriarchal systems were established 10,000 thousand years before knowledge was a zygote in the barbaric mind of patriarchy.

    Eye know that the Black Amazon Women (eg. and Eye am not talking about the second wave: the Dahomey Amazon Women of West Africa) were the guardians of this system and Eye know that the Sibyls were the DIVINE VOICE OF THE SYSTEM OF THE GODDESS.

    Eye know that after 6 or 7 years my position has not changed in this regard about this unique topic.


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    Click here for the facts....

    Vivian Hunter-Hindrew M.Ed. author of:
    1. The Sibyls: The First Prophetess of Mami (Wata)


    2. Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/Dess Unveiled, Vol 1
    3. Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/Dess Unveiled, Vol 2

    Her Reviews:

    "I am engrossed in the first volume. This literature is exactly what I have been desperately searching for!"
    Dr Joseph Kimmanje Kizito,
    New Zealand
    "Dear Mamaissii Vivian -- Congratulations on the book! I send you sincere congratulations on this work which shows the huge amount of work and research and ache that you put into this writing. ."
    Dr. Henry Drewal,
    Evjue-Bascom Professor
    University of Wisconsin
    "I find this book to be very interesting. I've never read an exquisite book like this one.
    I love it. It has great potential, and will be a great seller.
    Being a Hougan of 44 years in the Voudoun Religion, and Yoruba Chief and Priest of 15 years has offorded
    me the opportunity to read alot of material, but none that I've read can match what you have wrote.
    Continue the great work. You have my blessings and that of my spiritual forces and ancestors."

    Donald Emanuel,
    Richmond, VA
    "Wow, what a great spirit you are! I am so impressed by your accomplishment!!!
    It's a beautiful book, too. I was so amazed at how much it connected with the stuff that
    I had done for my doctoral dissertation (at UCLA). . . You really went out there and came back with the gold....
    and now you are sharing it!"

    Dr. Noelie Rodriguez
    Ninole, Hawaii
    "I have just received it and am reading both volumes of your work with great interest.
    It fills a void in my understanding of a number of spiritual issues I'm attempting to understand."

    Charles Tagoe
    Boston Mass
    "If you want to learn more about this powerful tradition, this book is a must.
    I received the book today and I have not been able to put it down!
    It is absolutely fabulous...the history, photos, anecdotes, etc. Congratulations on this great achievement!
    All praises to Mami and to the Vodoun!"

    Dr. Gail Taylor,
    Chesapeake, VA
    "I got the book today. just a quick break from reading to say thank you!
    I am really enjoying it! thanks again!"

    Nozibele Waithe,
    Richmond, VA

    Disclaimer: This information is not for the weak-spirited nor the un enlightened.