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Mar 19, 2001
DEMO cracy
DEMO stration
DeMon-crats and
poliTRICKS behind waved
wands on plastic platforms
TA-DAA!!! Clinton/
does it really fundamentally
matter who is PUshing buttons?
as if we gone gain ground or sumthin'?
Happy cause Bill put more black faces
in the Cabinet /way in the back/
one got too big and he faded to black
(Ron Brown) smack dab into the side
of a mountain.............................when the
shadows appear to gain size and
blot out the son (of slaveholders).............
they release the SUn master blaster
disaster! Code Red color me dead
cause the truth seekers will have targets
painted on their heads and I will
be called "partytime of the night"
pic ture of re vo lu tion dan cing
to the crac kle of cin ders of burn
ing build ings in the mid dle of WIN ter
I'm de mon stra ting on the front lawn
of Tho mas Cla rence Un cle jef fer son
with a MO' lo tav ****tail rea dy aim
FI RE !!! the roof the roof the roof
is on FI RE a long with four walls
that houses the coon and if I was in L.A.
I'd be not guil ty....and I am still thirs ty...
we don't need no wa ter let the
mo ther phuc ker burn!!! 'til my palette
is whet for the flickering of the bonfire
as the Con(man) for hire does the run ning man
try ing to stomp out the fires....get on the good foot
but if ya got to left feet you'll
be left dead in the street of re vo lu tion
fragmented sin tences and stran gling par ticiples
will be put to and ended by pe ri ods of gun FI RE
from the orifice surrounded by lips leav ing
a flat line after the last blip....
a DEMO stration that re vo lu tion
ain't bull...manuvering...
around the **** that turncoats force
us to smell every time they open their
their mouths.

(c)2001 blakverb "trippin' "
My two brothers (Gypsy and Kemet)

From you two brothers the comps are appreciated. Kemet...60's underground? I'm a late 60's brother ('68 bornday). Early 70's no doubt...but you know I've listened to a bit of 90's underground, cause you know 60's, 90's ain't nuthin but a number turned upside down...the times are the same (even if the illusions don't make it seem as so)

one love,blak


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