Black Poetry : Deleting Your Own Posts - Revised 08/15/01

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hello Family,

While I normally take a vote before making a change on the forum, I've done this a little different. I've made the change and will consider your opinions regarding this decision if you care to share them with me.

There are 2 options available to us when it comes to deleting posts on the forum (three if you count not allowing any deleting at all).

1. All Members are allowed to delete their own posts.

2. All Members are allowed to delete their own posts and if that post is the beginning of a thread, all posts within that thread will be deleted also.

Until a few minutes ago, each of us had the ability to do both numbers 1 and 2 above. Now, only number 1 works. The reason I changed this is because I don't think it's right or fair for a person to delete the contributions of others, even if they started the thread. I know many have often responded in rhyme to the peace's others post or taken much time in preparing their response ... only to have it deleted if the starter of the thread deletes their post.

I don't want you to think that I'm trying to hold your work captive, there is a workaround to this. If you are the starter of the thread and want to delete your contribution to it, simply click on "edit/delete post" and edit out all of your work in that post, perhaps leaving only the text "deleted" if you'd like, then resubmit. This will remove your contribution while still leaving the contribution of those who took the time to respond.

I do welcome your thoughts regarding this.

Thanks Joyce, Bishop, WildFlower and Kemetstry for responding.

I posted this notice in the Forum Announcements category too and

Kemetstry posted the following there:

But ...

Its my thread. My idea. If it has served its usefulness, why cant I delete it and all its comments? I can still delete my comments to your thread if I want to cant I? I think the options should be available.


The thread does not belong to only you, once someone else has contributed to it. Let's take for example my post in this thread started by KRYizar long ago: How I Feel About Destee. This entire thread, my reply to it, a moment in my life ... was captured for me in this thread ... even though I didn't start the thread. Of course it was a moment in KRY's life also, so he should be able to erase his part of that moment if he'd like, but he can't be erasing mine too.

Yes, you can delete any posts you've added to this forum. This change in the way we do things doesn't keep you from having control over your own work, it simply makes sure you don't have control over the work of others. Come on Kemetstry, I know you can see that ... can't you? :eeek:



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