Higher Standard Required : Delete My Posts, Name, Everything!


Hello Family,

Over the years i have received a few requests, such as this ... "Please delete my posts, threads, pictures, files, name, everything!" ... A Member no longer wants to be associated with this site. They have left, or plan to leave, and would like everything deleted.

Every Member (in good standing) can delete all of their own stuff.

No one's property is held hostage here.

We will not be deleting your words for you. We didn't put them here, and we will not be responsible for removing them. You were willing to invest time posting them, so please, invest some time to remove them, if that's what you want to happen.

We can delete all of a Member's posts, with the click of a button (virtually), but doing this also deletes other Member's posts as well. For example, if you started a thread, and now want us to delete all of your posts, our doing so will delete the entire thread, including other Member's posts. We don't think this is right or fair, just because you've decided to delete your stuff, that other Member's stuff must be deleted too. For this reason, we will not do this.

The alternative to the above, is for us to go through each of a Member's posts manually, and delete them one by one ... removing the content from the thread(s) they started, allowing everyone else's posts to remain. We do not have the resources to promise this alternative to every Member, so we won't be doing it for any.

Each Member can perform the alternative themselves. You can go to each of your threads / posts, and manually delete them. Simply click on the EDIT button, and remove the content. You may have to replace it with some text, and if so, just put "delete delete delete delete," or something similar, then click SAVE. Your content will be gone from this site.

In some instances, a Member has quoted your words in their post. In these situations, you can't delete your words (edit another Member's post), so the words will remain. Again, we do not have the resources to go through and find / edit all such possible requests.

In regard to us deleting your name, we won't do this. You can simply not come here anymore, and your presence will virtually be deleted. I've even had some Members request that we ban them, so they can't come here anymore. We will not do this either. Again, your coming here is totally up to you, and we won't become involved at this level.

If you are a Member who has been banned from this community, it will be totally at our discretion, whether your posts are deleted or not. Some are and some aren't. The best thing to do, if you don't want to be associated with this site, is to remain in good standing, long enough to delete all of your own words, if you want the option to do so.

Much of this information was presented in a thread posted on August 15th, 2001.

If you have any questions Family, just let me know.




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re: hi

good-afternoon destee,

i feel what you are saying, as i to have had poets wanting me to delete their poems, etc... i see no reason for that, as some people just do not know how to move on... sadly many will try to harrass a given board owner until he/she gives in to their demands...

anyway, keep up the good work...



AACOOLDRE ... CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN ... :cheerleader: ... :cheerleader: ... :cheerleader:

There is no easy way for me to delete your content, thus the policy above.

Your question wasn't specifically - what is in the title of this thread ... but the policy applies.

Let us know when the books are available for purchase! ... :love:

If you have any questions please ask.

Much Much Love and Peace.