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    Jan 22, 2001
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    I got more clues than a blue dog//
    with more rhymes than Lou Rawls//
    I make you change your style like Ru Paul//
    I pull women like U-Hauls//
    I use BlackSurge to take my rap style to the net to pursue yall//
    If poems was a game Ill be MVP//
    the Most Valuable Poet on the NET//
    You might even see ya boy up on MTV//
    im one brother on the web you can't pimpEZ//
    I got more cheese than Craft//
    I got more game than Shaft// (shut yo mouth)
    I take more chances in the world than a game of craps//
    I know yall thinking that im so insane//
    and yall can't even fill me like Novocain//
    I say some stuff that'll blow ya brain//
    My name DeJay don't act like yall don't know the name//.