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    For the past few months, about 7, I have been personally engaging in deity worship of Pa Neteru. I have two altars, and ancestor altar, on which i have Ausar, Auset, and pictures of deceased family. My other altar is my deity altar on which i have Re-Herakhte, Life Health and Strength to His Majesty, He who is Nebertcher, Ma'aat, the Divine Famale Principal and my personal Neter Djehuty. I worship at the altar twice daily, sunrise and sunset. For worship I recite a prayer, using postures from Kemetic monuments and hekau from Prt-m-Heru, then i recite various litanies from Prt-m-Heru Ani papyrus. For instance, the seven arit i recite one every day, the chapter of the eleven pylons i recite on the waxing lunar cycle, and the chapter which speak about the actions of Ausar against Set, which start "Hail Djehuty...", i recite on the waning lunar cycle. The various chapters of making transformations and coming forth upon earth, etc, i recite freely as my soul directs. How about you? Interested in the different forms of deity worship those who practice Kemetic Reconstructionist faiths engage in? How do you conduct your deity worship?

    (p.s. my prayers are similar to pa ashutat of Dr York. :wink:)