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Peace godz,excuse my ignorance,but can someone expalin,what is a degree of Knowledge??? What is the capacity of a guy who is 33° degree mason?

Blue Lodge (Craft Lodge or Symbolic Lodge)
This is starting point for all men who wish to become Masons. The Blue (Craft or Symbolic) Lodge confers the following degrees:
1. Entered Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
3. Master Mason
The 3rd Degree, that of the Master Mason, is the "highest" degree the can be given in all of Freemasonry.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite - Northern
After the Blue Lodge, a Master Mason may receive further teachings through the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite can confer an additional 30 degrees to the Master Mason. They are divided as follows in the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States. The Southern Jurisdiction is organized differently and has a few different names for some of these degrees.
4° Master Traveler
5° Perfect Master
6° Master of the Brazen Serpent
7° Provost and Judge
8° Intendant of the Building
9° Master of the Temple
10° Master Elect
11° Sublime Master Elected
12° Master of Mercy
13° Master of the Ninth Arch
14° Grand Elect Mason
15° Knight of the East
16° Prince of Jerusalem
17° Knight of the East and West
18° Knight of the Rose Croix
19° Grand Pontiff
20° Master ad Vitam
21° Patriarch Noachite
22° Prince of Libanus
23° Chief of the Tabernacle
24° Brother of the Forest
25° Master of Achievement
26° Friend and Brother Eternal
27° Knight of Jerusalem
28° Knight of the Sun
29° Knight of St. Andrew
30° Grand Inspector
31° Knight Aspirant
32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
33° Inspector General

What is the capacity of Dr Ben who said to be have 360 ° of Knowledge?

Islam claim to represent 360 degrees of knowledge, which is a complete circle and the Masons who reaches the apex of becoming a thirty-third degree only have attained partial knowledge. Masonry is both a science and a social science and this journey (or traveling path) could lead you in various directions.


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