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    Notice of Fair Use: I submit that this dessimination of Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song" (copyrighted by all relevant, appropriate and truly representative parties) is for the purpose of presenting an seemingly accurate artistic portrayal of the barbaric, warring, and destructive nature of the Caucasian peoples.

    The lyrics state:
    their intent to visit new lands with the intent of "fighting the hordes" that they find there;
    that "your fields so green" will "whisper tales of gore" with the intent that "we are your overlords";
    that "you'd better stop and rebuild your ruins" ("ruins"?? they were our HOMES before you showed up!) and
    that "peace and trust can win the day in spite of all your losing"!

    after they show up and trash our lives, we are suppose to do "peace" and "trust"?!!???

    "Immigrant Song" lyrics.

    coupled with a screeching, driving melody line that screams out of "the land of ice and snow", this melodic "hammer of the[ir] gods" ("hammer"?!? our gods make do with gentle (most of the time) rains and fields of green) "drives" the lyrics onward with "threshing oar" in full bore aural assault mode.

    this truly seems to absolutely epitomize these modern day vikings as they continue "singing and crying: Valhalla I am coming!"

    Immigrant Song