Black People : Definition of a Black Man/Woman

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    Today, it seems that a black man can't take a decent "dunk" without another black man coming behind him to accuse him of dropping "turds" like the White Man. ARE we trying to be like our white counterparts in every little trivial thing we do? What exactly is Being Black anymore? What defines us as black people? Our actions or is it psychological? In your opinion, what are the qualities/characteristics/mannerisms.....of the ideal Black man or woman.


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    MAN: human being an adult one who possessing in higher degree
    of qualities considered distinctive of manhood an individual who can
    fulfill an requirement man is man , from skin color Blackman is man
    of multi shades light, medium, dark, beautiful creation to life

    Man lost in the mental enslavery of society system of white creed
    difined as en-trap-ment in the teaching to destroy own creed of people
    which bring people vs people for higher power blackmen is a race of
    struggling mind to free themselves of this so it takes a twist to war
    against own and divide into mental groups to kill each other off it's from
    lack of truth and knowledge of there history and cultures so counterparting
    through the entrapment and greed makes man react in the form of whiteman

    being black is BLACK no matter of shade acting black been labled as wild
    foolish but not true acting black is when you sleep like the stillness of night
    which become very beautiful lights out darkness of blackness set in mind relax
    soul rest and yet man of white skin tryed to take that away .

    define as black people from our blood line through our struggle from our history
    of slavery entrapment it's never our action but somewhat to many psychological

    Black people to me is color of skin blood line and there culture existence from africa
    with qualities of labor / homemakers / man who provide all his family needs the console
    of family one who protects and comfort, mentally free like Kings teaching stronger
    roots to power freedom from mental enslavery, one who honors and respects woman
    the bread winner , Wo-man a mother / sista who is the structure of man the labor
    unto birth from her flicked womb forth life a strong provider to man one who knows
    her worth and pose greater power to keep man strong honored as Queenz
    people who know the struggle and able to defeat odds black people are stronger
    i define blacks from blood line & roots of there creed not by the tone or shade
    don't matter if you light , medium , dark your still what you are thats black through
    your insoul and you can't change that our characteristic is who we are as people
    in different struggles but struggling existance of people our mannerism is respect
    just haven't instill in the minds that brings us to our own entrapment

    BLACK PEOPLE are STRONG mentally if bond and POWER if unify
    a deep struggle we still face today how to bring us together as people
    but united we can CONCORE from history to stolen honors we been enslaved
    mentally an ongoing struggle in white society and the system.

    Free your mind and know we as people can work from thoughts, our own vision
    and not from the man made inflicked book that teach us to be or act in character
    as people from there social society system

    I can be totally wrong here but this my personal thinking and defining black people
    until i have the correct teaching of, i will treasure my thoughts of who we are and
    what happen to us as people before you question my define allow me my space
    to think.

    be still as i seek answers.
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    There is a differece between acting and being something...

    The basic characteristics that make us who we are…are no different than any other people. Now I’m dealing with this in the context of, what attributes make us social beings. I think the core values and innate expressions of human beings are universal. After that is established and recognized in a community, than we can get to unique proclivities of culture and consciousness. Kindness, respect, love, charity and commitment to family, are some of the many things that support the civility and humaneness of all people. No one necessarily has a patent, on those human traits.

    Now this thing about acting white, because you might display a high aptitude, strong language skills, a large vocabulary or having a certain amount of etiquette, is a fallacy, that is being used more by whites (in the media) than African Americans (mature African Americans). Unfortunately, the long history of astute Black intellectuals has not been considered, when that accusation is made; Black intellectuals who grew up in all-Black communities, educated in segregated school systems and graduated and taught at Black universities. These African American academicians have never been accused of acting white because of their brilliance. I don’t think intellectuals like John Hendrik Clarke, Maulana Karenga or Michael Eric Dyson have ever been accused of acting white. I think we need to stop feeding on this issue and stop pandering to this notion, as if this is a universal belief (acting white) amongst most Blacks.

    But at the same time, we can’t always excuse African Americans who “do try to overtly act white”, those among us, who denounce all aspects of their culture, history and ancestry. Those who intentionally start to speak through their nose and try to emulate the nasal-like timbre and vibrato some whites possess, because of their upbringing and/or physiology (aquiline noses). There are some Black people who try to distant themselves from that Mississippi mud they had between their toes when they were younger. This is real persona and we don’t need to act, like it isn’t real. It’s just like whites trying to unnaturally “act” black. It’s ridiculous and clownish.

    I believe there is a lot more, to our unique people-hood, than has been explained in this post. But I think we need to “hang up our hang ups” about the nuisances of mannerisms and get about the business of, maintaining and building our cultural infrastructure.


    Brother Sun :cool:
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    i just wanted to say that the thots posted on this thread.... are words of wisdom... they are so pure... wise... and true.... thanks rich and sun for speakin yall minds.........