Black People : Defining the New Cougar

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    Topically Yours - Brenda Braxton and Donna Moore

    Host Deardra Shuler interviews actress Brenda Braxton and Playwright/Composer/Lyricist Donna Moore who has been developing Cougar The Musical for eight years. Ms. Moore started her career at age 11 when she was cast in the PBS, TV show, ZOOM,...

    Grammy winner and Tony nominated actress Brenda Braxton talked with me about her new show entitled Cougar the Musical, written by Donna Moore who also shared the program. Moore talked about her show in terms of the Sacred Feminine. Her show was more than about Young Man Older Woman but about women regaining the power she lost under the paternal society. She reminds us that ages ago the Goddess was very much a powerful being and revered by many. That women must again recognize the Goddess in themselves and regain their authority. No, not in competition with men but as equal partners. Her show is amusing, informative and chocked full of encouraging antidotes. Take a listen.