Black People : Defeatism can be a Fetish

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    Mind science, science of mind, new thought, the schools of positive thinking

    and just basicly every indegenous African cultural Philosophy, and Paridigm,

    state that a negative thought or idea, can be like a virus to a person as well as those they come in contact with, if that thought is not directed at outside dangers or antagonsims, but is focused internaly at oneself or the reflection of ones self in others,

    however listening to Sister Souljah today on Open Line, she mentioned something about her vanguard quest to write books to encourage the concept of Black Love.

    She stated that back in the days folks had alot of confidence in the race and the term black is beautiful and other uplifting terms became popular and common place,

    but she said the difference in todays world , that even after all of that struggle and hard work in the 60s and 70s

    folks now are wondering

    if Black realy is beautiful

    or anything else, and that the Love for our people has deteriorated from such a mindset , and this has cause a detrioration in Black Love relations, between couples

    So it seems as though like other things that folks do are called a fetish now adays
    it seems as though

    pessimism, self doubt, doubt of the race and a mindset of defeatism, has become the new fetish

    and yet another pathology to be cured before any real liberation,
    mental or economic can occur.