Black Poetry : Defeat Foes

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    Defeat Foes

    Maintain schools and give brains to fools like doctors //This medication is much to devastation and research blockers //Of stupidity and create a true city like the romans did kid //at the expense of the public this is a dense subject but cool //most are convinced education is free through dedication we see //improvement, have a flow of love go to club see girls check out //Bodies then wreck parties after getting pissy drunk no doubt //Some twisty junk hide whiskey in my car trunk take sips //Then write great scripts no way my girl can have fake hips //Got wooden floors and fense so I ignore the suspense of break //Ins and crime taking my time and making rhymes and won’t hate //Write sense and fact that thrills lately been attacks on my skills //This act can kill, bust my pride I must hide from critics that fills //Newspaper headlines with misled rhymes all the time, junk spills //On to the public, not a winner yet on the inernet but always post //With concern while a host of firms try research my rhymes most //Of the times, try touch my mind while I clutch my nine have to //Duck a lots or get struck by rocks hell I may even grab a few //Stones and spank their hands I’m aware of plans that can change //HIP HOP do yall care that I write on paper slips my vapor rips strange //Through microphones like acid its drastic how this fantastic stuff //Slap domes when I rap strong, play police with p[lastic handcuffs //then attach material to dispatched lyricals close the hatch on miracles //no magic in this tragic morning eat Cheerios and match up cereals //is show I’m smart when I flow art very strong all my phrases short //and raises all sort of controversy, even in the nursery babies cry aborpt //by moms ladies ask why my skills so ill I can’t even provide an answer //