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    Defame our name

    Why do they defame our name?
    Its because its just part of the game.
    To get to your mind and drive you insane.
    Why do they have to do it?
    Can’t you see it’s just to turn you into a misfit?

    Is it just another game they’re playing?
    Do you catch what I am saying?
    Look at the mothers killing their babies, to keep them outta the snare.
    God! Bless them, lets all say a little prayer.

    Why do they defame our name?
    Why do they want to keep us ashamed?
    Italian is a name
    German is a name
    To reclaim!
    Your pre-name.
    I say you can’t be scary, you can’t be contrary.
    Remember! Malcolm x said “By any means necessary.”

    Now you have been made aware.
    Now you have no reason, not to care.
    Free up your mind and your *** will follow.
    But first your pride you got to swallow.
    While they brutalized our souls driving us crazy.
    Calling us, *******, slave, savages, stupid and lazy.

    They are the wolves and the leopards
    They know you are lost, without a shepherd
    Get off your knees, begging to their white jesus
    Now what is it, to discuss?
    Another curse another trick, in their god we trust.

    Now calling us crack heads and our women, strawberries.
    Putting’ us in their jails and cemeteries
    It is another game, in this hell hole.
    To hoodwink you, and to steal your soul.
    Think about the part of the story, that hasn't been told.

    Can you now see all their conning games?
    Taken in chains too a slave ship
    They used guns, rape, and a whip.
    They used light againt dark which is a color.
    To turn us against one another..
    To make us ashamed from whence our ancestor came.
    Just to defame our name.

    ©Written 1992/copyright 1996 anwar aswad amir
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