Black Poetry : Deeply-Rooted

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    Love Mickey Mouse more than dumb crazies and some ladies
    Fun watching the impossible while at the same time in Mercedes
    With the top flipped and dropped listening to hot Hip Hop
    Its nostalgia but this tree pollen giving me asthma trips a lot
    While sneezing and coughing squeezing tissue is softening
    Got mad allergies and sad salaries must take up an offering
    Like church service, write quotes nice some folks like my advice
    But don’t use it and I’m amuse a bit, it’s a hanging sacrifice
    On their walls wow! while outside I see fine skies and there two
    Kind of lies, sad lies and statistics each one has bad vibes true
    Ballistics both are booby traps and gluey crap in the path of success
    Only a few make it but I’ll take it anyway I can standing up to stress
    Or lying down in mess, my voice dense have horse sense don’t gamble
    On ponies, got class on streets, last week convinced by a pusher to handle
    Drugs sold crack and that was the bold act that got me arrested now in jail
    Somehow failed and need bale doing time for screwing with crime yet prevail
    Sane, stays unique plus always keep a supply of cash can die fast trying
    To hustle, smart in a way always start the day with a smile never crying
    Forever relying on my common sense, got dignity and all like the last
    BIGGY SMALL its time to “get money” I’m a vet not a dummy so pass
    The grass divine and a glass of wine Boone’s Farm that is, let’s get ready
    To party better ask somebody “if you don’t know now you know” Freddie
    Krueger in my nightmares his knife fingers chase me wake up very sweaty
    Even though my luck itch never struck it rich have a legit plot doe need
    To hit the lotto so I play the pick six hoping for a quick fix to proceed
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    talking bout a tight squeeze.....this was a rooted joint fo real bruh !