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Feb 1, 2005
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i'm gonna toss this up because it strikes me that there is something really good happening here. the problem is is that, like they say "use it or lose it": i've done the best i could but when society doesn't want black genius unless it's on their terms, my efforts have always been stymied so i've stayed away. and i'm now paying that price: it ain't what it used to be up there. add in being chronically short of oxygen with this copd ... yeah, it is a terrible thing to waste ... and it actually hurts.


a browser in hardened linux running as a virtual box as an application on a host os for secure browsing that resets to a clean slate on every restart. ... hmmm ... i dunno but that seems to me to suggest that cookies ain't gonna be saved? i'm hoping some of the other more currently knowledgeable techs in the house would weigh in.

Deep Net Security


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Apr 23, 2022
Thanks for sharing. Both physical and virtual security are important.
For the physical we always have arlo customer service in touch here - They make sure that our house and property in general are always safe and secure and just in case they have any doubts, they always check on us.
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