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Feb 1, 2005
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i'm gonna toss this up because it strikes me that there is something really good happening here. the problem is is that, like they say "use it or lose it": i've done the best i could but when society doesn't want black genius unless it's on their terms, my efforts have always been stymied so i've stayed away. and i'm now paying that price: it ain't what it used to be up there. add in being chronically short of oxygen with this copd ... yeah, it is a terrible thing to waste ... and it actually hurts.


a browser in hardened linux running as a virtual box as an application on a host os for secure browsing that resets to a clean slate on every restart. ... hmmm ... i dunno but that seems to me to suggest that cookies ain't gonna be saved? i'm hoping some of the other more currently knowledgeable techs in the house would weigh in.

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