Black Poetry : Deeds of Destruction payday has arrived (Underworld & Dark Bishop) collab


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Da Underworld speaks
from the pits of hell
from my darkest slumber
i arise unto u evilness & wicked
has return from da shadows of
I now come to feast upon the living
for da sour,foul harvest has hatch
place'd it's beings of destruction
Da Underworld care less and aim to
destroy at will beware that i am
from my sword of deed and the warth
of my coming inside this house
i deem and de-vor to dem lights
be afraid , very for i am not alone
from the darkside feel the steam of this
roll as we roar into your hood
where once love had stood
and blaze a bliss unto the unkind
as the shocker of waves consume u
into the pits of hell where i dewell of
no return, u now my prey
for the lights can't help you & your wickedness
now the temple of the pit i so shall carry u
into the underworld of destruction


The flash of my blades as it slashes through your being
as i dispatch you to that place
where darkness abide
final judgement call
as the blacklight consumes your soul
trapped in a world underneath
where no lights
or love abides
being handed down
your payday is at hand
as we join together
to bring about an end
to miserable existance
built upon lies
cerebus awaits at the gate
to escort you into the Underworld
where flames shall bathe and baptize you
and where the sound of my laughter
will be joined by a chorus of screams
and moans of anguish
The Dark Bishop rides high
on a Black Stallion
that breathes hellfire
leaving a trail of darkness behind
no light to be seen
as the hands of the Underworld reaches out
to bless you with your final R`E`W`A`R`D.

Let there be no lights for payday has arrived

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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
thankz bluewater & tantrum ..........from the darkside

Da Underworld of river red
has cometh upon the land
where destruction looms
from the flicker of tongues
the lash of the blade cuts
for the Dark Bishop rides
the cry of handz will be heard
from miles as the pits open
the hellfire ablaze high
the prey weeps in blood
for the shadows of darkness
has arrived's payday and the
final reward for the wicked

Let no light shine for the darkness covers

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