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    Amuse with jokes and abuse with quotes and never
    Lose hopes of becoming a rapper all my votes clever
    In politics, training my passion in an entertaining fashion
    Make folks happy and to smoke dope is crappy must ration
    One’s behavior, shook and disable put books on the table
    Trying to find an answer to this rhyme cancer so I can stable
    My bowels because constipation is domination no hesitation
    Sitting on the toilet seat, need Pepto bismo for relaxation
    My knowledge put me at ease during a good fat squeeze
    Of a female’s waist and prevail on pace to get sex a tease
    Is not allowed, come upon a girl by chance and fell into
    A world of romance after a slow dance on the club’s menu
    End up a thug without a prayer thrown into a love affair
    Need to leave the club for some air starting to rub my hair
    On my scalp try come up with some strong rap and declare
    This a cake date, to the dame made a confession, can retain
    Possession of her body good impression at the party maintain
    My status by using the apparatus called love talk not a lame
    Brain “Look boo you exists in actuality kiss is reality so sweet
    A hot guy and smart can I occupy your heart? Before you speak
    I’m hardcore street thug, but love a cutie with a booty, move
    Travel up your thighs tongue lube unravel your lace your boobs
    will approve of such a touch so much desired this ain’t you tube
    it’s the real deal, thoughts scatter in my brain as pantie matters
    Remain unsolved, my name bob came for a job eat candy, shatter
    Headboards, boo I’ll follow your butt, swallow the insults and
    Keep on talking while on the street walking not stalking my plan
    Is to land on bed quilts with your red lips and fly like Peter Pan
    Want sex you a brown round butt softy let me gulp down your
    Coffee Like Starbuck, start my car up, front seat music soar
    kiss to a funk beat or a slow songe we go along the highway
    I have plans and vibes, put my hand on your thighs try sway
    Your mind boo,you fine too, lets go home and get it on today
    I’m a winner here don’t let your boyfriend interfere we could
    Have dinner sincere at Golden Corral, boo with you it’s all good
    Cums to love talk flow madly and grow gradually toward sex
    And avoid complex situations it’s a mode of expression in text
    Or oral, girl your extreme voices is like a team of horses they are
    Grazing in my pastures and raising my masters of desire so far
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