Black Poetry : decorations #2

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    Grazing in my pastures and raising my masters of desire so far
    Body thrills are nasty fills my soul beyond compacity in my car
    We can roll classy, will fall in love with you boo, competition
    Bends my attitude, have to contend with other dudes in friction
    For example my room has ample sunlight we can have fun right?”
    “Wait RHYME you wanna grip my waist and equip my lace
    to handle sex, wanna set my juices in motion and without a trace
    this looses oceans of wetness so boys wanna get this and taste
    me so they chase me and the facts devastate how they activate
    their love talk so in the club walk careful can step on a black great
    **** because they are laying around and I’m staying my ground
    but I’m playing down the hype kiss my lips and discover brown
    tomatoes then wanna cover my potatoes with gravy and crown
    my coo-chee with a hot ****, want your train to enter my tunnel
    and becum a winner of a bundle of sex huh? Then you grumble
    if don’t get any and I be wet a plenty end up holding back then
    you be folding a pack of Trojan rubbers and begging to no end
    wanna try bend my fate then penetrate my juicy coo-chee hole
    lips huh? RHYME you wanna take me to a plain shower cold
    and gain power and control over my body through wet back rubs
    and attract my love by tongueing and cumming you a black thug
    you armed because you equipped with a **** and wanna kiss
    my lips a lot and rip my G-spot then jest get tongue from a list
    of girlfriends already, my world spins like Betty Crocker because
    you want cake like DRAKE, take off my soft panties but pause
    while you yell “you the best I ever had” a gift from Santa Claus
    He wanna play with my cream started to daydream having a cake
    Illusion and mind in a state of confusion just because he wanna take
    My panties down, a dame in hood situation wet have to maintain
    Good relations, yet RHYME you want sex I’m not a lame brain
    wanna look me dead in my eyes while I spread my thighs you
    Wanna put a red tongue in my pies, sprung the juice flys true
    You a guy a pure thug you wanna tie and secure my love with
    Hope and a rope and float my boat on the waters while sex drift
    wanna encircle my waist with purple lace and like Urkel get
    A taste of my Family Matters as calamity scatters on sheets wet
    Well I guess my sleazy breasts are easy access and boys wanna
    Suck them” and far as RHYME goes it’s hard to duck him gonna
    Try escape this guy want cake, “RHYME this one boy told me
    my coo-chee was justa juicy peach he wanted to reach and see
    if he could teach it some sex, didn’t know what to say oh he
    just got my tongue right there was not aware how hot a girl
    get down there his kiss strong could disown sweetness hurl
    my world all around wow need to make a phone call because
    I’ve ran into a stone wall by getting my lips kissed must pause
    And think we were at his house and I thought I saw a fat mouse
    Ran across the floor I maybe seeing thing being my panties aroused
    And cling to my coo-chee like this I could end up being his spouse
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    Amazed tonight how the stage is ablazed with lights not afraid
    To fight let the battle begin have to rattle brains to win and serenade
    The crowd, experience friction with hairs an abnormal condition
    Of affairs, comb my dome and roam alone, strong with an Afro
    Pick, flow is sick like ICU I’m guy that be true to the craft yo
    No doubt my style is about a mile ahead of the rest so I’m above
    Average as a thug savage untouchable in HIPHOP never a scrub
    Because I’m clever at a club as a rapper being forever loved
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