Black Poetry : Declaration of Love


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I wonder if you truly know how much I think of thee
Walking hand and hand throughout all eternity
Two souls though now we may be separated
Yet a new love has been created
What have you done to me?
What magic have you cast over me?
Beautiful you are, yet your spirit is what captured my soul
I truly wonder what the future holds
Thinking of you as I lay awake at night
Wondering if I could ever be your shining Knight
A woman in great demand
Yet men just don’t seem to understand
That what you desire is beyond the physical
for true intimacy is spiritual
You’re not looking simply for someone to love you in the night
You’re looking for a king in which your soul can delight
To fill that empty void, to earn a trust that once was lost
By those who didn’t know that when it comes to true love there is a cost
Most men are not willing to sacrifice
They treat their relationship like a roll of the dice
But I stand here arms open wide
Letting you know that if you ever need me, I’m willing to pay the price



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