Black Poetry : Decisions

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    Home is where the heart is, but my heart isn't her
    time seems so perfect and this perfection seems so real
    i want this more than ever, but ur distance cant replace or fill
    this emptiness thats rotted in me 4 so long

    i love u, but i cant help but question our position
    im waitin patiently, but too eager to listen
    to my mind thats tellin me to move on

    if this is eternity, then prove love can last forever
    dreams of eternal bliss and nights together
    who's to say that this is right or wrong?

    i know this is where i wanna be, cuz im comfy and free
    ive finally found a place where i can just be me
    but where do i really belong?

    its unfair, a test i cant beat and a game i cant win
    time will prevail and my emotions will blend
    tears roll and laughter's gone

    secrets lie hidden, deeper and deeper they dig
    i watched sumthin so small turn into sumthin so big
    when i knew this was sumthin deep all along

    man... decisions, decisions...
    the weak fail and the fighters remain strong.