Black Poetry : Decisions on Detest

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    Hello. I found this forum by searching black poetry. I'm just looking for a place where I view people's work and post my own. Be nice to me haha. I wrote this yesterday in 20-30 mins. Normally I edit things for a day or two after finishing. Couldn't be bothered this time though.

    My spirits are down today
    I feel like I'm going through decay
    It's very hurtful when people say things about you that isn't true
    Especially when they never took the time to know the true you
    I did nothing wrong, I don't understand it
    How can you judge me when you don't even know me?
    Have you ever had a conversation with me?
    Do you know my passions and my interests?
    Do you know what makes me different?
    I was simply joking around, and that joking turned into sudden hate
    It makes me consider turning to the speech of the vulgate
    In which everything about you I can berate
    Do I mix vulgar, sarcasm, arrogance and ignorance in a cup?
    Pour it in your mouth until you get hiccups?
    Or do I kill em with kindness?
    Be so kind that it blows their mind?
    Or do I avoid them completely?
    Be pissed off which would keep me in my shadow of misery?
    Throw away my key that would allow me to be free?
    Just know whatever happens, you're forgiven
    Because not everyone is going to like me
    No matter how nice I am
    How matter how much I give a ****
    There will always be people like you two.

    Edit. I didn't know the 'd' word was censored. Sorry.
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    HDLR I am feeling you on this piece...I think there are many others on this site that will agree they have come across people as you say...
    Keep coming back and sharing...welcome poet...