Black Poetry : Death of an Alleycat - Repost


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Jan 31, 2001
Chicago-In the WatchTower
She came in my life took over my world
Never knew I could love someone like this.
She was the one whom I would often dream about
The one with whom I would sacrifice everything for.
But what is it that makes her turn to those who treat her bad
Use her, abuse her, misuse her & confuse her
But here I am ready to pick up the pieces.
Come to me I would often ask, yet she can’t commit
She says buy me dinner and treat me like a queen,
But I could never really see you becoming my king.
Yet you say you love me, but when you are with me, you play me
Yet I let it pass, hoping you’ll come to me.
Brother man, got you all around his finger
Included you in his harem, just another one of his numbers
You caught him in the hay with another, yet you still want him for your lover
Another girl he got in the family way, you still waiting for your wedding day.
Grant me I pray one small joy, have dinner with me
Allow me to fulfill a fantasy,
Wine you & dine you,
Shower you with a gift
Walk with me under the moonlight
allow me to stare in your eyes.
In my hands is an envelope
Tickets contained therein
Open it up, smile turns to a frown
Pick up your face
Stop looking like a clown.
Tickets to Hawaii, Bahamas, a cruise delight
No!! tickets to get the HELL out of my life.
I wined you & dined you in the best of places
Not for love or affection, but simply because every condemned prisoner deserves a last meal
So as you stand there staring, not knowing what to say
I’m riding off into the sunset, with a smile on my face.
Be happy with the brother who makes you feel sad
While you think about the one that you could have had.


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