Black Poetry : Death do us part

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    By Andre Austin

    They want to split me up especially in my Head

    Like Moses cut the Nile sea in a trail laid apart

    The price for telling the truth sometimes makes us dead

    Moses saw the fire but didn’t bring the spark

    When you up against Satan its no walk in the park

    Because they want to keep the masses ignorant all in the dark

    The first casualty of war is the truth that placed in a fog

    As they go on defending the three Emperors known in the book as frogs

    Keep on eating falsehood feasting like hogs

    But on Judgement day God has the records in papyrus scrolls of logs

    Let the Carpenter make his coffin box

    The truth has infected some church houses of blues

    When your injected with the truth please don’t detox

    The mafia brought us their Gospels fooling us with their News

    They took their Gospels, submitted to the Senate or in the ancient Roman Forum

    But we know it was abnormal and a deviation from the Norm

    Then with their blessings a Divinity school was Formed

    They clouded everything up and brought lightning with Lucifer and a big storm

    They lied from the begging its just a counterfeit fallacy

    But the Afrocentric club continues and expands from St. James’s Stolen Legacy

    Literary archaeologist have proven the bible as plagiarist

    With a long stream of other culture’s contributions do u want a list?

    Go back to Egypt, please leave Rome

    Travel to the original spiritual house in Africa at your home

    Feel free to Roam

    I hit home runs in baseball knocking them out with the truth

    You can eat it like a candy bar like the superstar baby Ruth

    Or I can make it pliable like a baby boy Lazarus

    Eating the truth as your supper, saving the good part, don’t make a fuss

    Shall I get the Glory or the Victory for making the Alarm

    Temporally, I feel lucky at the anger of The Charm

    Keep feeding off the truth the black soil of Ham at the funky Farm

    I fight spiritually with no ammunition cuz the weapons I disarm

    They’ll lecture in the fetus then me again when I’m in a box

    But I’m not in their ring

    The Truth is what I sing

    Although I will not take a swing

    Can’t get caught in a snare with a Charming Fox

    My arms are too short to box in the shy

    I just let truth float like butterflies high up in the sky

    A fool dies before the times-dead meat is a feast for flies

    Its ashamed they want to preach to those after they die

    They can’t see god to serpents he’s out of sight (Hebrews 11:1-3)

    The saved ones are reborn Atop a House’s Roof with a flashlight (Luke 17:31 & Matthew 25)

    Only temporally because their faith will give them another light (Rev 21:23-24)

    Believe it, I’m right, I’m tight, and I’m shinning Bright (Ephesians 5:8)

    Because when the Earth & Heaven was separated Amen, Ra, Or Elohim put lights on the hill that emerge, (Genesis 1:6-7)

    An analogy of Man separating from his Woman then coming back into One,

    after the surge (Genesis 2:4-24 & Ephesians 5:28-32)

    Then the first city was built in N0-Thebes so-called land of Nod (Genesis 4:16-17)

    Where the theology of Amen was born in a fertile Nile Pod

    Because God’s first command is to love and have Sex (Genesis 1:28)

    Then from a city you build a nation, a civilization with muscles to flex

    So From the devil we leave on a blind date and Separate (Matthew 13:49)

    But all the saints merge into One spiritual marriage is destiny and Fate

    God makes a list of 6 things he Hates (Proverbs 6:16)

    Like Solomon’s 666 gold talents was his annual Stake (2 Chronicles 9:13)

    Now it’s the mark of one of the three frogs don’t make no Mistake (Rev 16:13-16)

    Men of God give, politicians of the mafia are steady on the Take

    These are economic sanctions of those who refuse to worship (Rev 13:16-18)

    You gonna take a dive or get on that old Phoenician Mercantile ship

    Some Imperfectly formed frogs are cursed with an abominable 6

    And so is their ancestry of Venus (Lucifer/Morning Star) links up with the six

    Also the second Nero claims a Greek Teitan 666 (Titus) are all in the mix

    As it was in the beginning where we got the start

    We can come together in a nuclear-us As-One

    We have many rays up under the Sun

    More powerful than an Atomic bomb without a split or part

    Can the Church (Circe) say Amen if they don’t cut the wind and fart

    I know the truth taste bitter and its tart

    Don get the gas chamber its not a yuk, yuk Lark

    But its more better than receiving the 666 mark

    Its time to give up the Ghost, let my spirit leave and depart

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