Black Poetry : Death Angel


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In the days of ancient Egypt & the pharaohs
A mighty prophet arose
Let my people go
The consequences of refusal you don’t know
A deaf ear turned
Pharaoh got burned
Plagues ravaged the land
It’s a wonder Egypt continued to stand
Rivers turning to blood, frogs invading
Hail falling from the sky, Yet pharaoh still evading
Yet God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth that also shall he reap
So in the still of the night the Death Angel creeped
In today’s times Death angel is still moving
The frailty of man he’s still proving
Death Angel ride strike your mark
Like a goldfish in the pool with a shark
Let us redeem the time that we have to live
Our service to the creator let us give
For Death Angel is riding no matter what folks may say
And I plan on being ready, because he may come for me today.


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