Brother AACOOLDRE : Dear Mr. Henry Louis gates Jr


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Jul 26, 2001
Dear Mr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

I saw you giving a speech on Youtube the other day claiming to connect science with your genealogy studies of blacks, whites and celebrities. Sometime ago I asked you as general editor of the Norton anthology of African-American literature to combine the Lit with blacks in science and to stop being biases towards Afrocentric writings. There are some good and bad Afrocentric writings just like society we got the good the bad and the ugly. You are almost like Cornel west who wants to talk about the white Henry James but not George G.M. James who wrote stolen legacy.

I know you are married to a white woman and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as black culture doesn’t take a back seat. I know you are doing DNA test for blacks who desire to find out exactly what place in West Africa they came from. But your past statements lead me to believe that this isn’t your only motive. You what to find out how much white blood was raped into black blood. You have told blacks their mythical folklore that they do not have Native-American in them because during slavery it was only permitted to have whites rape blacks. Then I heard you on The Root website having a conversation with Toure about Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court. Gates You had a whole hell of a lot of sympathy for a man who rules against the masses of black people on a daily bases. You claim black people want to get him killed so that Obama can appoint a black as his replacement. Then you brought of the analogy of this killing to the movie A Soldier’s Story (1984) where a light skinned Sgt Walters plots catch an uncouth (CJ Memphis), Geechee, Sambo black who was embarrassing the Negro race by his speech, dancing and mannerism. We can’t help it if George Curry of Emerge magazine rightly put a handkerchief scarf on Thomas head. Only if the mute Thomas would talk on the court bench he could clear up himself being labeled anti-black. So what if Thomas liked some of Malcolm X statements post being in the NOI. What statements did he like I surely bet the one about intermarriage was just one human being marrying another? You guys don’t get it we don’t care who you married to as long as your allegiance isn’t towards white supremacy programs that keep blacks in serfdom and peonage. I don’t want to see Uncle Tomas dead just his policy to die out.

In the late 1990’s I did a study of my family tree. With the help of a volunteer I found out that my family was called black in 1900, 1910 but in 1920 it was called Mulatto. It was mulatto because the tree was indeed mixed up with native-Americans and whites. I have 3 emotions about this matter, a trinity of black rage. If it was mulatto during slavery it was criminal rape, post slavery it was mutual love or prostitution or bribery for sex. After slavery many black females worked in white folks home. You read the book Black Like me where its documented many black females had to give up the draws to get their weekly checks. I got nothing wrong with it being mutual love because I used to date the white girl, give them massages, kisses and Mack them in the park in the dark behind trees, got lap dances and tricked with them at strip clubs back to my crib. A red head freckle face white girl caused me to get into a car accident due to lack of concentration because I sleep over her house that night. But the Booti.e came to me like the moon did at night. I was living in the wilderness something like an Eldridge cleaver poem just being a King Kong type of a stud:

I love you

Because you’re white

Not because you’re charming

Or bright (Soul On Ice)

The same thing was for my Nubian princess I was just attracted to the booti.e. I wasn’t a Pharaoh to her.

So I’m just trying to figure out what side you are on when all the data from the DNA comes in. Did you know the 1860 census reported ½ million blacks as being 12% mulattoes see The Peculiar Institution by Kenneth stamp p.35. That means 12% of blacks were raped. That’s a whole lotta monkey business going on. I also learned that 1/2million of Mulattoes in the 1910 Census changed over/passed over to the white race in the 1920 census see W.E. b Dubois by David levering Lewis p.99. Maybe this might explain the back and forth jumping the fence and crossing the color-lines in my own family tree.

I hope you’re not offended by the use of the term mulatto. The bi-racial NAACP president Benjamin Jealous thinks it’s a Spanish word for mule. According to J.A. Rogers a pioneer in Afrocentric studies who was obsessed with showing all the black and whites who jumped the broom together but never put on display a black family that got together or stayed together. He says it comes from Muladi a Spanish and Moslem cross bred or the Greek melos-amos black Melainis mother of Delphos, founder of the rites of Apollo (Horus)-Nature knows no color-Line p.32. All I want to know is why Bi-racial students in middle and high school are hostile to black history. They are with their white mothers at home with the absent black dad just like in a single black female home but don’t want to hear nothing about black history. Black history is about them just as it is about us. I recall watching Roots on DVD where a Blackman tells his mom he’s going to kill a Whiteman for mistreating his mother until she told him it was his father.

Black peoples only suspicion of mulattoes comes into play when there is a crisis, caste system where one is getting favorable treatment against another. For example: During slavery this was The South American Way the mestizos (mulattoes) in Mexico “the mixed bloods became the overseers, the foremen, the shopkeepers, the petty officials” The Wealth & Poverty of Nations by David Landes p.312. This type of divide and conquer was replicated all throughout North and South America. In Haiti the blacks and mulatoes revolted against napoleon and his French troops. The blacks were weary of the mulatoes but they won by uniting together. As a result of this napoleon wanted Mulattoes and whites to be able to get married but not black and white to do away with the alliance. We can correlate this to the fictional Willie Lynch letter teaching slave masters to divide slaves up by shades of color. I don’t know why Stanley crouch and them got so mad at Louis Farrakhan for reading the Willie Lynch letter at the Million Man March. Denzel Washington brought it up in the movie The Great Debaters and crouch and them said nothing.

I like Frederick Douglass before and after his black wife died and he married a white woman by the name of Helen Pitts. So what love is love but that’s not the explanation Douglass gave. As for Douglass white wife he said: they all seem to be amazed and dumbfounded over me having a white woman for a wife. You all don’t know that my father was my mother’s master and she was as black as a crow. Don’t it seem natural that I history should repeat itself?”-Now you supposed to get married for love not lust or revenge upon the Whiteman’s prize for what he did to us. We should be jumping into bed together out of love.

Mr. Gates I found it troubling that you thought Black African kings played more a role in enslaving black people than the Jews who owned the ships, financed and insured the human cargo. The NOI research department will dispute with you on that note. You should have known better than that being Chairman over the W.E. B Dubois legacy. Dubois wrote in his famous Souls of black Folk that post slavery the Jew was a slave-baron over blacks. The Jim Crow era was the Jews golden age. Gates being General Editor of the Norton Anthology of Black Lit has about 7 pages from Marcus Garvey’s UNIA’s Afrocentric philosophy and that’s it. Garvey didn’t like Dubois because Dubois wanted integration to flourish at the expense of blacks uniting together and do it yourself self-help programs. Dubois was never assimilated into black life he was a cultural hybrid and Garvey thought he was a snobbish mullatoo that was unapproachable and alienated from the black masses. All of this produced his own “Double Consciousness” of his individual Soul not the Soul of the Black masses. Dubois wanted to integrate black skin in with white and kill each other off. Garvey on the other hand love black women and had Black beauty contest until mike Tyson messed it up (ha-ha just a joke). But he was set up almost like Jack Johnson was but he riding around luxury cars with white women acting like he was King Kong or somebody. Now the NAACP would have come to the rescue of jack Johnson if he was wrongly accused of raping a white gal because they wanted to defend a black lusting to mate and integrate with the blue bloods. But let Jamal Johnson be wrongly accused of raping a black gal who was seeking revenge because he was sleeping around and NAACP assistance would fall on deaf ears. When the NAACP got started in 1909 the KKK was in full effect lynching and castrating a Blackman and raping a black female maid every other day and they were hot on the issue. Forward to 2012 to the primary killer of a Blackman is a Blackman and the NAACP is nowhere in site to host peace treaties (Unlike the NOI) between their gangs. But let a Whiteman touch the hair on the head of some black and they will get their Jewish allies who pull strings in the press do a media blitz. The NAACP never celebrates the Blackman and woman being together but only the celebrities who have mixed themselves up with each other. That’s sad a pathetic. Because the Jews helped create the NAACP and still funds it today we have to look at all motives real and unreal. I recall reading Alex Haley interview a white racist George Lincoln Rockwell for Playboy magazine. Rockwell said “Jews want to run the white people just the way they run the ni g gers. Once they get the white people mixed with black people, the [mongrelized]white people will be just as easy to run as the ni.g.gers”… that’s what the whole so-called civil rights movement is all about-The playboy interviews of Alex Haley p.183 I wouldn’t believe it but the NAACP is obsessed with mixing up the races under the banner of integration. The last time this was done to take down a black civilization was in Egypt according to Chancellor’s Williams cornerstone book The Destruction of black Civilization. As for me I’m not too much on buying the conspiracy theories. But if can overthrow white supremacy I’m all for it I just don’t like it happening in the reverse like it did in Egypt when we were chilling out on the banks of the Nile. The NOI parallel theory of Jews using the mixing cup of sexual coming together of the races is another point to look at. The NOI founder Wallie D Ford (Fard) was a mulatto. So I find it hard to know that he said the Whiteman rules the Blackman by tricknology and the last trick they use is the white woman. I don’t know Fard but strong evidence that he and his tribe of Shabazz came not from mecca but from Pakistan see The Messenger by Karl Evanzz. Now in the other Message to the Blackman by Elijah Muhammad he states: “By no means are the so-called negroes and whites Kin”p.272. I don’t know what he means by this by modern day DNA results prove that the Blackman and Woman are the Adam and Eve of humanity. White became white by natural genetic mutations, nothing sinister or evil going on here. And all the females are pink on the inside where it counts-you know what I’m talking about.

When I was growing up I didn’t have my two parents in the crib at the same time. Half was spent with mother the other half with my dad. My mind wasn’t mature and wasn’t self-indoctrinated with Afrocentrity I looked at TV with an inferiority complex. I wanted the Brady Bunch mom to be my mother. At the time I didn’t the Brady Bunch dad was gay. I had a crush on all the three white girls. They had nice clothes and a big house. I was jealous and mad because I didn’t have it. Later on in life I read a book from Malcolm X’s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz called Growing Up X and **** found out she had a crush on Peter Brady. I guess JA Rogers was right that nature no know color-lines.

Mr.gates with you being in charge of W.E. B Dubois legacy I never hear about Dubois ridiculing Garvey for wanting to travel and trade with Africa and get the diamonds and gold out the hands of the De beers, Rothschild’s etal. It was ironic Dubois died in exile in Ghana in 1963 on the eve of the March on Washington. Garvey died in 1940 of diabetes in London being a subject from Jamaica. He wasn’t allowed to travel to Africa because it was still colonized until the 1960’s. Have you talked about this to your students? I even heard you used to look for poems that had the 10% philosophy of Dubois talented tenth of blacks who shall rise up the 90% of blacks who were uncivilized and unassimilated to white culture. I’ve heard that 10% is derogatory in the UK to a Jew it means getting something retail or having 10% of you penis skin peeled off like they learned it for health/religious reasons from the ancient Egyptians. I lost my poem. I did not know then 10% of the Black elite of the NAACP is used as suppliants to the Democratic Party to harness in black votes from the masses. I thought we stopped picking cotton after sharecropping and peonage ended? We the black masses have been taken advantage of. All of our votes is transferred into tons of sacks and bags and taken to the big house (white house) like bales of cotton. We put in the work/votes and received no pay for it. We were fired up and ready to go to work political for nothing just to see somebody who had a drop of our blood running down our veins. And we will do it again but it won’t be with a whole lot of enthusiasm like it was in 2008. But at least we can go to the doctor without losing our socks like we do in Vegas. No more 10% jazz Maaaan. It sounds too much like the fractional reserve banking system where Banks make money by usury and loans and only have to have 10% of the actual money in existence. The Knights Templar were first to use this usury they hid under handling fees, service charge. In ancient Egypt one-tenth of a Deben was called a Kite a derogatory word Michael Jackson was forced to remove from his CD’s. A Kite is the use of a small amount of money to make big money something the Rothschild’s, one of wealthiest families on the planet) perfected. It seemed to me that white society was only going to allow an elite bunch of blacks live in the upper class while the masses of us controlled by them to remain poor. The Black elite think that if the 90% pool their resources together and travel and trade worldwide they will lose their pensions with the integrated white society. Black advancement meant opportunity for the elite only and the smoke screen of music, Hollywood negative images, and negative results for the masses.

I believe we as a people will get out of this mess once we all see how we are being manipulated by race, religion and economic status. The internet is helping us see through the smoke screen of our traditional media. Websites like movies on YouTube like “Zeitgeist” will help you understand how were are being controlled by bandits in:




The elite always control the masses by centralizing a military, religious and banking branches all designed to keep the riches in the hands of the few while we ignorant masses get the entertainment industry. Without out it they wouldn’t have been able to put all of their much stress-producing pressure and manipulation. The evil of the elite is using the Willie Lynch letter, Genesis Ham/Canaan myth and the Babylonian Talmud to keep the black masses dehumanized, uneducated, naked, sex and drug addicts hook, line and sinker. Gates They are using Hollywood and Hip Hop the same way they did the Harlem renaissance in which black art and artists were used by elitist blacks and their White Jewish manipulators to divert the black masses from their growing efforts to become self-reliant by centralizing/pooling their power and resources against a centralize elite.

I rest my pen

Andre Austin



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Aug 9, 2003
My gut reaction to your piece is that nobody gets if 'all' right and many folks who got it part right deserves my props too...

In your case, as I've said/written before, few if any of my generations past or present intellectuals and/or leaders are bound to measure up to 'your' standards...

I. e., making it 'personal' and/or being subjective about it all, continues to undermine even us coming to a true consensus, among this website's posters...


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