Black Poetry : Dear John - the letter

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    somewhere out there
    John Kevin Reynolds smiled lightly to himself.
    Reminiscing on his lunch conversation
    with his friend and colleague James Anderson.
    “Man, JK, you are so lucky, how do you manage to keep it all?”
    “What do you mean, James?”
    “I mean you have a beautiful wife. Your son is the star of
    his high school basketball team. You’ve been promoted twice
    within the past six months. Plus, you finally got Catherine.
    Man, I almost lost it bro when you told me you tapped that.”
    John flashed his sly mischevious smile. “Ummm, not just once
    but four times now...” Pausing for effect he then adds “And you
    know her friend, the one she brought with her to the Christmas
    James’ brow arched up. “Not the one with the curly hair, and
    the caramel complexion?”
    “Yup, that one”
    “You have got to be kidding, you hit that too!?”
    “Lastnight” John replied with a laugh.

    His reverie was suddenly broken as his cell phone buzzed.
    Demanding his attention from the vacant passenger seat.
    As he slowed to a stop, he picked it up.
    It was Treshonda, Catherine’s friend.
    John was in the zone, as he bounced to the beat of ‘Drag-On’s Down Bottom’
    snapping from the CD player.
    “I was just thinking about you, what’s up?”
    There was a pause as he listened to Tre on the other end.
    The stoplight flashed green. Answering he pulled off.
    “I wish I could, but not tonight, I promised my wife I would
    take her out, and you know I’m a man of my word.”

    As he drove along rapping to Treshonda, he noticed his wife’s car
    pass, heading in the opposite direction.

    Leslie Reynolds, saw her husband’s Audi rise over the hill.
    Her breath caught in her throat as he passed. At first, she thought he saw her.
    But she did not see his brake lights flash as she passed.
    ‘He must be on his cell’ she thought. Clearing the hill, she gunned the engine
    accelerating rapidly. ‘No time to wonder if he did or didn’t, my mind is made up,
    no turning back now’.

    John pulled into his drive way. “Tre, I’ll call you later about tomorrow night...”
    A slight pause. “Ooh, now you know I can’t wait to see you, and hopefully you
    won’t be wearing any panties tomorrow night either, keep it tight baby, check
    you later, alright”. He climbed out of his car thinking. ‘I wonder where Leslie is going?’.
    He closed the door and popped the trunk, grabbing his briefcase, and a silver box tied with a red bow.
    John entered his home, greeted by one of his wife’s favorite songs ‘Tony Toni Tone’s ‘Anniversary’.
    ‘I guess she thought I needed a reminder’
    He placed his briefcase on the sofa and walked into the kitchen. ‘Well I guess she didn’t go anywhere far’, he thought as he grabbed a glass from the cabinet and opened the fridge. He poured himself some grape juice. And for the first time he noticed the candle burning on the table with a letter beside it.
    He smiled. ‘Another one of Leslie’s little love notes’. He set his glass beside it along with the silver box with the red bow, then headed upstairs, unbuttoning his shirt along the way. He entered the bed room and immediately noticed something different. He could not put his finger on it but the room seem quieter and a little more empty than usual. He did not know what it was until he opened the closet door.

    All of his clothes were there but all of Leslie’s was gone. His heart beat quickened, as he looked around the bedroom. All of her shoes, her combs and jewelry, everything that was her’s and her’s alone, was gone. He raced down stairs, his mind reeling as if he had been slapped. ‘Anniversary’ was beginning again. He tore open the letter, and begin reading...

    “Dear John,
    You will never know how much I truly love you dearest. How much I care for you and cherish you. You were the light of my life.”

    John paused, his eyes focusing on the word ‘were’ a word that was past tense in meaning.

    “But that light has been blown out, extinguished. Never to burn again. They always consider men to be the strongest of the species. But they have never considered the strength of a woman’s heart. The heart of a woman in love. A woman who loves her family. So with that in mind let me explain to you what true strength is. It is the ‘honey I love you inspite of...’ your deceitful ways. All the nights I cried inside as you lied and told me you had to work late. The nights you reassured me that you hated it and wish you could come home and kiss me and hold me. But when you got here there were no kisses because they had all been spent. All that you gave me was the whisper of some other woman’s breath upon your lips. And in the morning your arrogant kiss of ‘man, I’m so slick’.”

    John’s heart began to crumble. His entire body felt as if he was on fire. Sweat gathered on his forehead as he continued to read.

    “It is the resolve not to stoop to the level of everyone else. By this I mean, giving in to the old adage an ‘eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. Sure I could have cheated. I could have compromised my body and soul. I could have lied and done exactly what you did. But I am a woman, not a child. I grew up a long time ago. And just to prove my point. Do you remember, your company christmas party three years ago? One of your best friend’s hit on me that entire night. As you wooed your co-workers with your charm he was focused on stealing me with words like ‘there are several attractive women at our company but you eclipse them, out shine them all’. Can you not see him still smiling in your face as he stood next to me at the bar whispering honey dipped words designed to steal my heart. But maybe you can’t because you are too busy chasing the new girl, who I’m sure you finally caught. Because six months later you brought her home with you. She kissed me on my cheek as I lay feigning sleep. She tickled my nose when you removed your clothes.”.

    Lightheaded, John sat down at the table, as the candle burned low, and ‘Anniversary’ still hummed from the living room. He felt dizzy. His mouth was dry, his body felt numb all over.

    “I knew you were cheating on me, but I stayed, for the sake of Jerrod, our son. Because little boys need their fathers most when they begin their early teen years. But now that he is sixteen, he is pretty much a man now, and he has begun to understand, that daddy is not the workaholic he seems to be. Daddy isn’t as honest and noble as he pretends to be. True strength, my dear is putting up with a man, like you who refuses to grow up. It is standing fast in the middle of a storm and holding on to the wind that yells for you to run. Leave! It is waiting for the perfect moment, like now, like that game of chess we played two years ago when we still did things together. Do you remember? For years you use to beat me. Out think me. Anticipate my every move. But that August evening, I played a perfect game. I countered your every move. You were fast but I was faster. You were good but I was better. You were so smooth but I am smooth as silk. And so is my revenge. Here tonight on our 17th wedding anniversary. I leave you, as you have so often left me alone.”

    John, cried. As the candle spluttered and went out. As his wife drove up to the airport terminal, parked and got out. With a sly smile, she walked into ticketing envisioning herself on a beach somewhere on an island, watching the sun set. Her heart at ease, her mind at peace, and totally free.

    “P.S. The divorce papers are on the mantlepiece, along with the joint custody application. Jerrod is at your parents for the summer.”
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    lover of words.

    where you been boy!?? :D anyway!! i just wanted
    you to know that this lil poetic story heah... is just
    plain ole excellentay!! :) bravissimo, chile!! i sooooo
    enjoyed the read... almost didn't want it to end!

    thank you for sharing this.


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    somewhere out there
    ...>floats in>

    Elayne, HI!
    I've been floating around all over the place.
    Thinking, and enjoying life.
    Glad you liked the story. There are other parts to it but I haven't written the rest of it out. Maybe one day soon.

    <floats out<...