Black Poetry : Dear God...don't let me die

Thank you all for your kind words...
I wrote this during a very dark time
but never looked at it again...
until I posted it...a few days ago
sometimes poetry is like that
it can make you afraid to face
what is within you...
but I felt posting it...was the first step in overcoming
Sometimes, even pain in poetry can be beautiful...
Thank you all for reading and replying...
My faith grows stronger each day...
just as it has from each of your words!

Liberty...You are a sweet, sweet sister...I see divinity in your words :heart:
You've touched me beyond my ability to convey but know it was felt, sincerely.

Watz...You "My Guardian Angel"... :heart: have always touch me deeply with your words
It was so good to see you...:heart:

To all of you (Story, MBA, Gempis, Blue, Money & PurpleMoons..."Neverending Love" :heart:
no one wants to feel the pain
the bitter and extremely tart pain...smh
the way you describe life is amazing sage...
i could actually see myself in some of the places you laid out
with your prose...keep lacing the board with your creativity my sista...
cause it helps me with mine :)
one love


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