Black Poetry : Dear God...don't let me die

such a beautiful expression of fayth...i know he hears this..don't worry he is faithful to answer...

P.S (the lower the lows, the higher the highs...and please remember that no storm last forever...whatever u'r going through, will pass....take refuge in the Lord, and he will be your strenght....luv ya sis...and i hope that whatever ailes u will past soon...i'll be praying for u...)
My heart felt like sobbing with this, these incredibly dark and painful words. Sister, being cast down for a time, I know it is impossible to get up without God's helping hand. And he will raise you up, he probably already is, how else could you have the strength to bless us with these vivid images, how ever sadly they are portrayed.

This is a very nice poem. I know some people who are feeling this way at the moment. Bad economy...bad relationships....unsuccessful attempts to make things happen for them in their lives. This poem would represent the depression that they are now in...and how they feel about it.

:thanks: for sharing a part of you with us.



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