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    An Elderly Woman Responds on Michelle Obama and Reverend Wright. Sends Letter to Editor

    To The Editor: attb2rex.txt

    As a 78 year old American of African descent, I feel compelled to respond to all this 'much ado about nothing' when it comes to the statement that Michelle Obama made about the fact that this is the first time in her adult life that she has been proud to be an American.

    The country needs to hear this from the Black perspective.

    Long before I was born, my grandfather Joseph Burleson, owned a considerable amount of land in oil rich Texas .

    Because during that era, Blacks could not vote, nor could they contest anything in the courts of the United States , my grandfather's land was STOLEN by his White neighbor.

    My grandfather, who was literate and better educated than my grandmother, drove to town.
    Seeing my grandfather leave, the covetous neighbor asked my grandmother to show him the deed to the property. He snatched it.

    She could not insist that he give it back, nor could she have reported this THEFT to the sheriff because of the fact that Blacks had no rights in the 1800's.

    Do you think that is something that I am PROUD OF?

    Right now I should be living off the oil and gas royalties.

    In 1934 when my dad drove us to Texas to meet his family, when he stopped to purchase gasoline, his daughters and wife were not allowed to use the washroom. As a man it was easier for him to relieve himself in the bushes, but not for the females. We were, however, reduced to having to go in the bushes, also.

    Do you think I am PROUD OF THAT?

    In 1938 when my oldest sister went to enroll i n Hyde Park High School , she was told by the counselor that she did not want to take college preparatory courses, she wanted to study domestic science.

    Do you think I'm PROUD OF THAT? Of course, when Beatrice Lillian Hurley-Burleson went to school the next day, that was the last time anyone thought that the Burleson girls wanted to study domestic science.

    When in 1943 my parents attempted to buy the 2 flat at 5338 South Kenwood , where we had lived since 1933, in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL we were told that we could not buy it because there was a restrictive covenant that said that the property was never to be sold to 'Negroes.'

    Do you think I am PROUD OF THAT?

    In 1950 when I graduated from college, I was unable to get a job because I was considered 'overqualified.' the code word for they would not hire me because of my race. All of the want ads called for Japanese Americans or Neisis (the word given to Japanese Americans at that time) .

    Do you think that was something that I should have been PROUD OF?

    My cousin's barbershop was bombed in Mississippi in the 50's because he was encouraging Black people to register to vote. His wife who had earned a Masters Degree from Northwestern University lost her position as the principal of the local school because of the voter registration activities.

    Is that something I should be PROUD OF?

    Now we get to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of the Obama family. Rev. Wright like so many religious zealots overstates many things, that many of his members do not agree with. To suggest that Senator Obama should leave the church of his choice is not only a double standard, but it is absurd.

    Would any of the talking heads who are so alarmed by Rev. Wright's thoughts and speeches sugge st that Catholics should abandon their faith or denounce and reject the Pope because so many priests have molested children?

    These children were exploited and taken advantage of and they had no choice to even know they could resist, reject and denounce.

    To me the situations are parallel, except for the fact that the priests behavior is a physical violation of the innocence of children who are marred for life; and the priests behavior is a crime.

    Rev. Wright's speeches are just words, that one can listen to or not, the members have a choice.

    Should Governor Romney denounce and reject the Mormon Church because some of their members practice polygamy?

    As Senator Obama has previously stated, we have entered the silly season Barack Obama is an adult, and most importantly, he is an exceptionally intelligent adult. Like most of us adults, fortunately, we do not accep t all we hear or see.

    If we did, the world would be more amoral, debased and perverted than the world of today is.

    I see all these 'so called' pondering's an attempt to marginalize the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama. I cannot truly call this racism because some ignorant Blacks have also spoken disparagingly about him.

    I accept this as the darker side of mankind who because of their own inadequacies, they project their deficiencies on others.

    Barack Obama is a very rare individual, the likes of whom the world seldom sees. Like most geniuses, they are often misunderstood. They are objects of envy and jealousy.

    They are suspect because they soar above the average man who does not have the intellectual ability to understand the greatness of special people.

    They are also targets to be pulled down to the level of the mediocre who cannot stand to se e an individual with deep convictions and high standards.

    We have not seen a phenomena like Barack Obama in many years and many generations.

    Like Ghanda, like Jesus, like Einstein, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., like Mother Theresa, genetically, intellectually and spiritually, these people offer the world so much, but they are often maligned and misunderstood.

    Barack Obama is a Christian in the true sense of the word. A true Christian loves his fellow man unconditionally. A true Christian wants the best and tries to bring out the best in his fellow man. A true Christian wants to unite and bring the world together in peace and harmony.

    This is what Senator Obama stands for; but, unfortunately, he has had to get off point to answer these false charges, innuendoes, and just plain lies.

    We are in the presence of an angel unaware in Senator Barack Obama; and this co untry needs him, more than he needs us.

    He is the only person at this time in history who can restore respect for America with the worlds' people.

    Because of his family background, the influence of his beloved mother who instilled great values in him, the influence of his absent father who vicariously inspired a son to go to Harvard as the father had done, the influence of a minister who brought him to an understanding of the value and meaning of Christianity, the influence of a brilliant Harvard educated wife who inspires him and keeps him grounded; he is the epitome of a citizen of the world.

    He is of the world because the world is in him; and this is what America needs to bring us out of the abyss to which we have sunk in the eyes of the world.

    Like Michelle Obama, after living in this country all of my 78 years, loving my country and not understanding why my country has not loved me, I now for the first time in my adult life feel PROUD OF MY COUNTRY because I sense a maturing, a recognition of talent and character, and not color, and a field of candidates aspiring to lead this nation coming from very diverse backgrounds of gender, religious beliefs, national origin, ethnicity, age and experiences.

    This to me is the HOPE that America is coming into her own and will begin to CHANGE and will embrace the philosophy upon which this country was founded, where all men are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Now I truly believe, YES WE CAN!

    Catherine Hart
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    Wow! Wow! WOW!!!!

    This was very powerful! Such a wise woman and she hit the nail right on the head! Sis Writspirit, could you please post the source of the publication where this letter was published please? Or any other information you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for sharing this!
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    Yes - wise words indeed :)

    This letter has been doing the email rounds for the last 5-6 months, although this is the first one I've seen signed off by a 'Catherine Hart' and no-one seems to know where the original is.. perhaps it's a media/promoting thing.. but most who have posted/sent this refer one to contact Helen L. Burleson, Doctor of Public Administration (708)747-0919 for further info. (Google her -she's got some excellent articles out there)

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    Thanx sista Zul and thanx sista Writspirit.

    The world it is a changing and though those who call themselves christians will see the rising masses as terrorists, antichrists, the god of this world rising against the people of their white god truth will prevail over this centuries old cesspool of undigested lies.