Dear destee..... (some changes)

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    social worker...
    Hi destee :heart:...

    Like i said i,m going keep on supporting you..with the money..

    even if i,m not aroud for a while ..

    i mean as far as i can ..

    if i can not i dont have it..

    One if these day,s i,m going to Print some poems i still have to print..
    after that i would like you to take my name away....

    and i will keep comming inhere but under another name...
    its better for my safety...
    and i,m going to be a little bit more private now..

    I also hope that by that time if i can not delete some stuff by myself ...
    you could do that for me...
    you would make me verry happy...
    Espcialy my pics...

    but i will let ya know when..
    first i have to print some stuff...

    There is no big drama about it ...
    for the changes ...
    all is good..

    i,m not leaving or sumthing...

    just going trough some changes
    that needed to be done ..
    for a long time ago..

    i have been to open and i let people play to much with my self..
    that is the reason and i am a little more carrefull now with people behind the net..

    it is not always what it seems..

    But i will keep doing my best..
    to support the people and poets and this site..

    Plus .....Some good things are laying infront of me..
    as far as the music part as far as developing me so that is nice..

    much love :heart: