Black People : Dealer Charged With Jesus Forgeries (Ossuary of James "Discoverer")

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    JERUSALEM -- An Israeli antiquities dealer has been arrested on suspicion of forging artifacts linked to Jesus and the biblical Jewish Temple, police said Tuesday.

    Dealer Oded Golan was arrested Monday at his home in Tel Aviv, police said, on suspicion of forging and dealing in fake antiquities.


    Golan was involved in the discovery of two items that shook the religious and archaeological world -- an ossuary, or burial box, with the inscription, "James, the brother of Jesus," leading to speculation that it referred to the brother of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Also, a shoebox-sized tablet was found, inscribed with instructions for caring for the Jewish Temple, in wording similar to that of the Bible. Called the "Joash inscription," it purported to be rare physical evidence backing up the biblical narrative.