Black People : Deal with and internalize not "the devil"

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Kevin Ervin, Jul 19, 2008.

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    The devil...(which is only man's super-ego) can be accepted after all when "the block" can no longer be persistent within one's own mind, becuase the pre-existent truth in God is even still the all within all. Only..."their" exoteric preachings of the all in God that truly high-lights "I" and only "I" cannot be entertained by any particular one that is now a world-wide virus specifically for one's child-like mind. To tame "the tamer" in any "devil", then reduce the bad in his/her super-ego to the naturally born ego, which is **** good! As it is one's ego unlike one's super-ego that will boldly speak of the all within all that is the all that there is, only all at once. All Godly transformations are centered and/or are...a reverse of "the reversed" into the ever-presence of God's Universal likeness, that produces no other life-actual truth through thy very center. That truthfully, truthfully cannot be denied without a very serious ricocheting internal conflict that unfolds through a false face, which are the very traces of the super-ego. These words; any slave (to mind) seeking a release in redemption must know, in order to stop dreaming about and truly make "the kill". Co-exist with the doer of all, because God does kill...those disconnected from, through the center, as well. Welcome to reality; from all delusional lucid dreams in the name of "I" that are truly delusional and therefore sickening. Let HIS-story be praised no more, as only the "educated" fool preaches and absorbs such blatant non-sense into the enslaved minds of the naive that will repeat it. My ego..., "Kevin Ervin's" ego... Eye accept all challenges; for it is some-thing else that you with. The ever-presence in God never went anywhere, it is the virus in (any)-one's super-ego that "magically" puts one to sleep. As God will never do no such thing... Imagine...the true catastrophy that would have long occurred eons upon eons ago if that "doctrined" falsity was in fact true. Let us co-exist...through the ever-presence in the doer of all instead... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.