Black Poetry : Dead Beats...

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    I clearly don’t understand
    How I see a good woman
    With a bum for a man
    I know times are hard
    And the roles reverse
    But a man should still be a man
    Not a curse
    And we wonder why kids display no respect
    When all they see is a man who can’t provide
    And who won’t protect
    Is there a shortage of good men
    Is there none on the rack
    Are they no longer being made
    Not even one left in the back
    I guess finding a good man is like buying a car
    He’s got to have all the features that makes him a star
    But even some new cars run like ****
    But you don’t find out until after you buy it
    I hear how they want a good man
    But that’s not true
    Cause they hold on to the very one
    That’s doggin you
    Dragging you down and holding you back
    The same cat that disrespect you
    Has become a natural act
    I’m not saying women are dumb
    And men are dogs
    I’ll just say on a clear day
    She can’t see through the fog
    So girl you can do bad by yourself
    There plenty of good me
    You can find someone else
    Most likely he won’t be in the club
    The club is where you can find sex
    Not the best place for Love
    Sad thing is Good Men stand in plain sight
    But you look past him cause
    He may not be packaged right
    So focused on what’s on the outside
    You never see what’s real
    So you get someone who looks nice
    But can careless how you feel
    Cause external beauty will for sure fade
    That’s just the way it is
    The what we are made
    What I’m trying to say is
    Even new cars end up on the side of the road
    There’s so many recalls
    And some you need to unload
    So when choosing and man
    Right from the start
    Ask yourself can you trust
    Him with your most precious gift
    Your heart.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    for some its all they know the cycle runs with what they grew up seeing....all we can do is hope the fog clears and they learn from past family mistakes and their own ...nice write poet