Black Christians : DC~District of COLUMBIA & the Columbian Age

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    DC~ District of COLUMBIA & the Columbian Age
    COL-UMBRIAN: The Colchians & Gomers

    Umbria --
    A region of central Italy in the Apennines. Occupied by the Umbrians in ancient times, it later fell to the Etruscans and then the Romans (c. 300 b.c.)…

    …an extinct language of ancient S Italy, belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European family See also Osco-Umbrian

    *Pre-Columbian, the Columbian River, Columbus, Columbia Vancouver
    Columbia South America, Columbia SC, Columbia NC…Washington D.C​

    Today’s modern definition of the term ‘Pre-Columbian’ only refers to the ancient Americas prior to the time of Columbus in 1492 and of the ancient peoples and cultures, but in reality, this would not be the whole truth. The term Columbian comprises two very unique, dominant and ancient ‘Black’ people and cultures of whom originated in the east; the descendants of Magog and Gomer.

    The term ‘Col’ [Colchians, Nicolaitans, Chola…Cola] became a common name for the descendants of Magog and defines them as being ‘COLORED’ or, a dark skinned people and for thousands of years, this was a common term for many Colchians as they migrated from the east to many different places in the world. Based on research though, this word description stems from the language of the Sumerians in the earliest civilization in Mesopotamia, a civilization of which many Colchians became apart of in early times. The term ‘Umbrian’ [‘G-Um’, Gomer], as the definition for Umbria reveals, stems from ancient Indo-European people which means they were from the east. But this would be only part of the truth. Before the Umbrian people became known in the area of Central Italy where the Roman Empire eventually set up, these Indo-European or, white people, came into a land that was well inhabited by earlier Blacks, including Black Gomers, of whom at an earlier time was apart of a massive and dominant Greek civilization in South Italy. And prior to that time the term used to define a certain language and people was ‘Osco-Umbrian’ [or Oscan-Umbrian], and also reflects a civilization of people that comprised two distinct groups that existed within a specific culture. So prior to the Rome Republic [509 BC], there were many, many different unique cultures of Black people who lived and dominated certain regions of Italy, and the backbone of the Roman empire and Rome Republic even, stems from these beginnings; The Cholas [Colchians, Celts] and the Black Gomers [Cimmerians, Romany]. Therefore, the very word ‘Columbian’ actually defines ‘Black’ people, and white people only took on these terms.

    Again, the term ‘Pre-Columbian’ today, only refers to the ancient Americas at the time of 1492, to mark the ancient natives of the Americas, and to make a difference from the presence of white people, Europeans, of whom chose to identify by the term ‘Columbian’. On some maps used during the early times of colonization, however, the country of Columbia in South America and even our state, California, was once written as Choleon. But this term ‘Pre-Columbian’ made an historical mark for the Europeans of a dominant presence of the very kind of ‘Black’ Natives who also identified by the term Columbian in some form or another, and that had migrated from the east and other places in the Old World at a much earlier time. The Pre-Columbian Age does not reflect any specific kinds of Natives [Indians] but it does reveal that the Europeans were aware of the dominant presence of original Col-Umbrians with origins from India amongst many other distinct people in the vast continents of the Americas. Almost 1500 years earlier in the Old Mediterranean World, the Col-umbians in that region became the kind of people upon which the white Romans stem from and the kind of people they used to set up their systems in Central Italy. This was the foundation of the Roman Empire.

    In Southern Italy, prior to the rise of the Roman Empire, the ‘Black’ Greek people can be defined by certain customs brought out in history. And one major confirmation to the presence of the Colchians and Cimmerians [Gomer] in this Greek civilization was the temple where they worshiped; the temple of Apollo [Jap-Ollo; Apollyon]. For thousands of years even prior to Roman Republic times, certain ‘Black’ Greeks in West Turkey and other places honored the god Apollo in the form of a ‘Black’ god. But in Southern Italy, a change began to happen due to the presence of White Greeks and other white people who began to become dominant. In the 500s BC [spec. 509 BC] in Italy while the temple of Apollo and the god Apollo had been honored in Southern Italy and even other places in Europe as supreme, white people [the Latins & etc.] were finally able to build up a separate and unique temple of the same god, but they altered it to be in the form of a white god; Jupiter [Jap-iter].

    In Central Italy, some historians say that the ‘White’ Romans built over an old temple used during the Rome-Etruscan times [Roman-Greek times] and named it the temple of Jupiter [Jap-iter] in 509 BC. And this marked the beginning of the Rome-Republic. The Romans cleaved from the Etruscan civilization. And the Bible marks this beginning time of the set up of White Supremacy by a major element, *a theme, that would be the mark for all of these systems where ever they set up their specific governments for the next 2500 years. But from that time forward up until the Roman Empire times, the Romans in Central Italy gained dominance. For almost 300 years during that time span, the Punic Wars raged and many Black people fled the Old World in exchange for the New World and etc. Many Col-umbrians made their way over to become apart of ancient American history as well. Like the terms ‘EGYPTIAN’, ‘COMMAGENE’, and ‘OSCO-UMBRIAN’, the ‘COLUMBIANS’ are yet another term that defines two of the most dominant kinds of eastern people, the Magogs and the Gomers, that formed powerful civilizations in certain lands in the western world as a dual system. And even like the term ‘Roman’ of which stems from an original Black people ‘the Amorites’ [Amor-roma; reverse script], white people took on these names and altered them to define a different time period and system where they became supreme and unique from the kind of Blacks they once depended upon to dominate the world. The Roman's [Canaanites] supreme diety was a woman, goddess, an element of which caused them to be a unique aspect of these eastern oriented systems that set up in the western world. And again, after more than 1500 years since the end of the Roman empire system, the Europeans came to the Americas and set up the nations Capitol to be known as Washington D. C., the District of Columbia.

    Ironically, this Capitol city in America has a population that reflects the same physical ‘color’ presence as was in the Roman empire days. In ancient times, a great percentage of the population was that of ‘Blacks’, many of them poor while the Capitol was headed up by whites, a set up that presents a picture to other systems in the world that Black people are in agreement with there lot within the White Supremacist system. So in our early modern times too, amidst all of the many ‘Great White fathers of the Capitol’ the masses reflect the opposite of the White House, in that there was a majority Black African American population living within the city. This would be the distinction made in the Book of Revelations between ‘the Beast’ [to define the government supported and managed by Blacks], and worshiping ‘the Image of the Beast’ [White ruling class]. In ancient Rome, after a time period of about 200 years that it took to form the system, the government reorganized due to the ethnic people that began to conflict with the system, and ethnic rulers began to be elevated continually to operate the system in various aspects. And the problems of the system began to be blamed on the Blacks. The Roman empire system was said to have collapsed for various reasons, but one major reason has been suppressed.

    Some scholars say that in AD 430s there was the Invasion of the Huns [AD 433] that was said to be so significant this brought Rome to an abrupt end. Some say that the Roman system fell due to a series of violent clashes that came from other groups. But there are two other major issues that occurred in Rome that has not been widely taught . Because the Romans began to use lead pipes and lead vessels around these times, this was a major factor in the Fall of Rome. At the time the Romans did not know about lead poison, and they even began to use it in their wines as a sweetener. Lead poisoning lead to a decline in births, and many other problems but specifically, it lead to brain damage. However, the most important reason was due to major catastrophic phenomenon that affected the entire planet. There was a great earthquake that occurred in the AD 430s, and only a few references are available to us through translations from Latin on the happening. As a result of this earthquake, other disasters followed such as outbreaks of certain diseases and pestilences and was recorded by certain people such as Jerome and St. Augustine of Hippo, who lived at that time. In fact, St Augustine died and based upon the Roman dating, in AD 430. Research shows that with these few records, the dates of these natural occurrences vary, but as a result of the widespread problems that are related to such a devastation of which includes issues like poverty and disease, the violent conflicts from the Huns, the Vandals and other groups dated to happen about that time seem to agree. The clashes were so profound, the Roman system was brought soon brought to an end.

    A natural disaster accelerated the damage. According to the historian Paolus Diaconus, a terrible earthquake in 442 brought down many temple and porticoes. Thirteen years later the Vandals sacked the city. augustine, rome, natural disaster&f=false

    Rome from the Ground Up

    Rome is not one city but many, each with its own history unfolding from a different center: now the trading port on the Tiber; now the Forum of antiquity; the Palatine of imperial power; the Lateran Church of Christian ascendancy; the Vatican;...

    One of the more interesting theories which seeks to explain at least some part of The Fall of the Roman Empire is the lead poisoning theory.

    Lead Poisoning and the Fall of the Roman Empire -

    One of the more interesting theories which seeks to explain at least some part of The Fall of the Roman Empire is the lead poisoning theory. Lead poison...

    Oscan according to SIL International standards has two definitions. As the "Osco-" member of the Osco-Umbrian group, it has itself been expanded into a group, Oscan, whether of dialects or of languages. One member of the Oscan group is Oscan, the language of southern Italy under the Roman Republic. The Osco-Umbrian, or Sabellic, family is a branch of the Italic language family, which is a branch of Indo-European. The Italic family includes Latin-Faliscan.

    Oscan, the specific language, was spoken mainly by the Samnites, a people of southern Italy and a formidable opponent of Rome in the second half of the 4th century BC…
    Oscan language - Wikipedia

    In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream,…the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea…And four great beasts came up from the sea, …a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and *it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

    …a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had *great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it;…
    DANIEL 7:1-7.

    Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible.
    ~This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, His legs of *iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. [DANIEL 2:31-3.] ​

    *In prophecy, the major theme that marks the government of the Roman empire where ever it set up for the next 2500 years from the time of Daniel around the time of 488 BC when he had this vision up through the Roman empire times and beyond was marked by ‘Its’ Prison Systems’ within its’ cities. We are led to believe that Slavery and the Slave Ship Era was the most extreme form of human sacrifice for the set up of White Supremacy and was written to be a great evil, but actually and according to the Bible, it is the set up of the Prison System that is defined as the most extreme. The fruits of the prison systems are based upon Slavery though, because it was the foundation for deception and depravity in education, an intense movement for about 200 years. Reading and writing was outlawed and slaves could only learn from the white master in church. Again, this occurred for about 200 years and then they Separated Church and State, developed ‘the Theory of Evolution’, and outlawed Bible education from federal schools [public school systems]; the very reason they claimed to have brought us over hear to be educated in…And the Prison Systems filled up…

    Daniel describes the second beast [government] as ‘a Bear with three (3) ribs’ and this represents ‘the Persian empire system’ of which from its’ very origins in Asia Minor came ‘the Triad Celtic people’ in the earliest of times. But at the time of Daniel, it was the White Celts that eventually became dominant in the Medo-Persian system. These kinds of Celtic people such as the Scythians and Haman-the-Aggagite, interacted with the Persians and were supremacist. Many of them migrated and became present in the Greek systems, the very origin of Alexander of Macedonia [Mac]. Around that time of Daniel in the 480s BC and onward, these dominant civilizations, The Persians, the Greeks and the Romans were reorganizing and building their great temples, such as the Rome Republic in 509 BC and the Parthenon in the 400s BC. and etc. Around this time period too, the Romans of the Rome-Etruscan times [Rome-Greece], began to build their Prison Systems. And this was what Daniel was speaking about. Dark Cloud [Nebu-Chadnezzar] had a vision too, and Daniel deciphered his vision and described the Roman empire system to be ‘the Iron and Clay’ system. The Iron and clay symbolized that the system is definitely not ‘a melting pot’ of equality, but that it would be a system of apartied or, a time when ‘the yang would be supreme to the yin’, a time of the Anti-Christ Movement against the truth. But more importantly, due to this enmity, we don’t mix, we won’t mix. It becomes a separation forever. The iron and clay ultimately symbolized the very makeup of the prisons, laid in clay-brick with teeth, iron teeth,…Iron Bars. Symbolically, the clay represents humans and the iron represents the oppressive system of the Roman empire [the Amorites]. And due to lack of knowledge and a deliberate sabotage of our education, many of our people have been sucked into the Prison Systems, preyed upon and devoured. How many innocent Blacks have been railroaded or, falsely accused and have pined away in the prisons under life sentences? How many spirits have been broken? Who can restore such a spirit? Can such a spirit be restored?

    Daniel describes the premeditated movement of the White Celts [the Triad] that are within the Medo-Persian systems, the Greek systems and ultimately became the head of the Roman empire systems. He reveals their devouring spirits in that they harbor intense hate against Black people of which can be seen in history byway of these Prison Systems that they set up in Persia, Greece and the Roman systems since that time up until now. And here we are today, a minority of people with in a powerful system, yet we represent the Prison Systems as a majority. This was what Daniel told the Black Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar would happen after he was to no longer rule over his vast government system.