Black Poetry : Days

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    As I sit her I ponder on Days past and Days to come,
    Thinking and wondering where these feelings came from,
    See I'm trying to figure out where this love went wrong,
    But all I can focus on is the sacrifical meaning of yours words
    I dont think we belong,
    Together as I realize how much I long for you,
    I can't help but to remember those Days where I would
    gaze into your eyes as we softly cry our I love yous turned
    to bitter goodbyes,
    Days where our souls combined to create one energy,
    Days where our worlds overlapped and all time collapsed,
    Turned to Days with agression and fustration,
    Days with pent up rage and anger uncaged,
    As Days pass by,
    I remember having a piece of mind and as life moves on
    my sense of love becomes blind,
    I watch as my heart goes through a metamorphosis from
    sweet ignorance to this bitter realization leaving me aware
    of life's imagination,
    As my thoughts become mature with life's confusion my mind
    becomes aware that love is just a illusion,
    As Days pass by,
    My emotions eventually begin to plea for its emancipation and
    my heart begins to bleed out of frustration trying to deal with
    this unrealized proclamation,
    As Days pass by,
    The taste of her lips are enough to ignite this fire in my soul
    as I'm left in darkness my mind overflows with the juices
    of memories untold,
    Drowning in thoughts of the Days where inner happiness
    was found in you as these waters wash away my twisted reality
    ... setting it it anew,
    As Days pass by,
    If patience is a virtue my life is a virtuous example of Days
    passing and my mind asking... is it time,
    As Days pass by,
    Ma Chrei Amores and Beauty is hear names disappear as a
    gentle pain sets in my brain,
    As night comes my thoughts settle on my sorrow as I think
    of Days past and Days to come I wish for a better tomorrow
    As Days past by...:(
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    This was heartachingly beatiful and gives us candid insight into the intense love and passion with which this piece was written. I can relate so well to this. So very touching. Your pen definitely bled tears in this tale of love lost. Peace
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    welcome welcome welcome !!!

    wow! such a sweet warm piece welcome to
    da platground of Destee's place i feel u so openly
    ya skillz be calling upon flow on !!! welcome within .
    :jumping: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :jumping: