Black Poetry : Day-jah-vou


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Apr 15, 2002
Fresno TX
this man who stands before me
should have been named day-jah-vou
i know ive never seen him
maybe we met in an outer relm
he might have been standing idly
but on side of me :angel1:
in my dreams last night
wispering words so sweet like
he said he will be my knight in shining armor
and i his queen of the nile
its like im the seconds in his minute
and he's the minute that starts my hour
****...that ****** words are like raindrops
poetic rain showers
we are so much a like
it starts to make me think
is it real what i see
or a figmint of my imajination
ive been searchin for so long
i guess i looked in all the wrong places
so when i got on my diet and stopped looking so hard
God gave me the man
who just captured my charm
esquiste is he
making me stretch beyond my reach
dam i dont even know him look what hes done to me


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
indeed u have a flow sweet and tyte
flow on sis
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