Black Poetry : Dawning

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    Jul 14, 2002
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    I'm the beyonder
    who wandered
    down to Earth.
    Today marks my
    After an intimate
    in-depth conversation
    with each constellation
    the decision was made
    for me to descend down
    and become the new entity
    in town.
    My purpose is to shed light
    through the dead night.
    Spread sight to the sightless
    so they can see the might of
    my likeness.
    Despite the spiteful nature of
    crucial critics questioning my
    method of cleansing,
    I press on with a teflon vest on.
    Cause I maneuver myself in the
    midst of the madness where bullets
    float and I'm in front of 'em and
    I know my name on one of 'em.
    Can't worry bout that.
    My main concern is making you learn
    the legacy I leave.
    Everytime I breath I bleed.
    I need.
    I read to regain concentration and
    remember the conversation with the