Black Relationships : Dating More Than One Person


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Nov 16, 2011
They were hypothetical questions, but you are free to answer...And I would be happy to listen. :p

My parents aren't open to meeting any of the guys I date LOL...I only introduced maybe 5...I won't introduce any guy to my parents unless I was for sure they would like him...I remember one guy I introduced to my parents when I was 14 and my dad and mom were like get rid of him....and I was like, but no I love him....WRONG! He was a total jerk. lol...we still laugh at him and his wackness and what I saw in him.

But I'm a woman, my parent's trust my judgment...And I'm capable of taking responsibility for my mistakes for the men I date....
I don't think I ever met a woman's parents. And I never introduced one. The point is that we live in a time far from "May I date your daughter" or "That's a good family to marry into." We're kind of individualistic.


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Sep 13, 2011
me personally, if I were single, I date one person at a time, not only because that's how I roll, but because i simply do not have the time or energy to date several people at once. I am very selective who I date, due to the limited time I do have, so that eliminates me having an excuse, let alone using up time I barely have anyways, to date several men at once.
Something about that post doesn't sound right.. Does that mean if you had a lot of time you'd date multiple men at once?


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Nov 16, 2011

You're absolutely right...Someone women like to be called "whores"....and those women, let me speak more correctly...Those females have other things going on in their head.
It's not that Chinelo or Black-King are calling every woman a whore. Unfortunately, they were insulting YOU, but they were specifying women who date multiple men at a time, in a sense defining 'whore' rather earlier than most of us would.

With regard other women liking this. I think that many other women would agree that 'dating so many men . . .' is a vice or even some women may see men standing up for their beliefs as a virtue. It's complicated.

Of course, there are women who like being called whores . . . like whores. But I don't think that those are either of their suitors. :)

I have disagreed and agreed with Chinelo (can't say Black-King) on many topics...He is a very intelligent guy, but his presentation on how he speaks about women has never sat well with any woman on this site...thus, his approach is not working here...and if what he speaks of is in fact true to him and his intentions are for the best, then it's time to try a different angle..

They say if it's not broke don't fix needs fixin'....
As far as I can tell, a lot of us have different tones. Some women use the b-word, some men the n-word, some 'conscious' call people 'negros' and others use the word 'whore.' I mean, I don't think 'whore' is something to throw around, but I don't think the b-word, n-word or 'negro' is either. Everyone has their language traits. Obviously, there's a method to their madness. I think Chinelo and Black-King are standing against sexual immorality as best they know how. I think many people, men and women, would agree to the term 'sexual immorality.' Whether you insult the sexually immoral or whatever, and whether that appeals to the opposite sex is really an individual thing.


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Feb 19, 2001
More then that has changed....:10500:

Why did this one important part of the ritual change? My son introduces me to all the sisters he's serious about

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