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    Distraction is the enemy of concentration. Dedicated concentration and focus is how all things come into being and stay. The glue that fuses energy into atoms and molecules is a song that creates a forces and forces that creates our reality. In order to vibrate your lips you must produce sound. Therefore sound is at the very core of all things. The Universe is powered by sound.

    As you read this the chatter in the background is the sound of your own voice, reasoning and debating as we go along. It is you, not I that is within your head.

    When you last read the word "chatter" it was within a moment you can visit no more. It is now past, distant. The progression of time and space is determined by the moment and movements of your own sounds, even the ones that have no bearing on or within reality like the sound of your inner voice.

    Many have been asked to prove the existence of God. Prove if you can, the existence of your inner voice.

    When we attain a place of severe concentration, meaning we find something and close out the outside world and focus only on that thing, it is never within a place of light, but within a place of darkness. Why is that? Because light is a distraction, which is why we close our eyes to concentrate and meditate on deeper issues. Even he or she that concentrates with their eyes open will so as if staring into space- blurring out the world around them.

    A dark traveler is not afraid to walk into the void to find their answers. We are afterall children of the void. Our ancients created symbols and icons that helped them to concentrate on their precise intent. Hieroglyphs, sigils and other works of magick that issued constructive focus. Movies are shown to us in a dark room on a silver screen. The darkness is an aid for more concentration and less distraction.

    We are only victims of a self inflicted reality when we are unconscious of our meditations. More often than not Masters and bitted by their own Dogs. What lays in wait around the corner is something we already hold the receipt for. The powerful magick we perform with our minds often go unrecorded. Redd Foxx died of a heart attack. A great tragedy only for those who never understood his comedy.

    Darkness is a living melody of all sound, when we begin to appreciate it- it can literally make any-thing from no thing. A chair can become a door way into another dimension, or a bed a gateway into a newer world.

    The dark traveler moves about by being conscious of every moment and realizing the deep seated value of how darkness influences it. By doing so one can avoid the greatest of all dangers, even death.

    The great Sages of yesterday slept on thin cloth on the dirt, sometimes on leaves and feathers- next to huge brass jugs of water mixed with their mystery oils, placed also within their crystals for different tasks. They did this in order to listen to the ether as they slept. They understood as they slept the software or soul would ride the waves of dark forces caused by the magnetic pull between water and the moon. A reason why movies screens were once silver, an attempt to create this same force of magnetism on the Human brain.

    We do not create darkness. It is. But we can create light out of darkness. There is no place where darkness is not. We speak simply of unrefined undefined consciousness and the shadows it projects withing living space. Yet we dream of darkness as well as light. We can dream of a sunny day, or being trapped inside a box. Evidence perhaps that such illusions are part of how we experience the most intimate parts of our beings. As one writer suggested "masturbation is how Gods create - creation is how Gods masturbate."

    Several moments have passed. You have already moved along within a timeline. From an old place into a new place. Have you traveled within the halls of light or darkness? As these recorded thoughts transfer to your consciousness by the sound of your inner voice are these moments assigned to particles of light, along with electromagnetic signals and vibrations?

    When you first read "distraction is the enemy of concentration" you were within a different world and place, one that is long gone and in the past. You can touch that place no more. Be forever grateful for your moments and all those that add spices to it. Stillness is part of the illusion, we are all dark travelers. Everything is contracting and expanding around us, even our bodies.

    Plan your travels, plan your destination. We can only go where our minds are taking us. Like an eagle surrenders to the wind, we must surrender to the darkness.

    - Meta.
    Dark travel Agent.
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    Another brilliant post Bro. Meta...when I am focusing on something to change in my life I visualize a movie screen in my minds eye with whatever words my intents are....then I visualize that movie screen folding and going deep into the depths of my subconscious would be surprised how well this works....whenever I travel the astral plane or lucid dream, my surroundings are almost ALWAYS dark....its very rare I dream of anything in daylight...oft-times I would wonder why this SELF has informed me that it is because of just what you have posted here....we are surrounded by darkness....darkness and water play a huge part of these experiences and this is also evidence of my deepening spirituality....lately as I have gone even deeper, many things have been revealed to my person by way of the things aforementioned as well as deep meditation and my ancestors...and this past few weeks I have been seeing dark things out of the corners of my eyes just out of my sight..shadow beings maybe?...I dont know but now its CONSTANT these days....just yesterday I was in a room full of people and I heard a voice just over my left shoulder...there was no one behind me as I turned swiftly around....hmmmm....thanks brother for the always dark posts...much needed and appreciated

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