Black Poetry : Dark Skinned Woman In A Purple Negligee

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    Dark Skinned Woman in a Purple Negligee

    The setting,... a room,... with a chilly signature
    Somewhere's about a degree or two below room temperature
    Not chilly as in cold, so is to know
    But chilly enough to be noticable
    In this room are events that are slow spent
    Me,... a dark skinned sista',... and a private moment
    On the edge of a bed, with nothing said
    For a moment, we're in contact, by the touching of foreheads
    For a time, eyes closed, with nothing muttered
    Though silent, we spoke volumes, without a word being uttered
    As she sits on my lap, with her legs wrapped around me
    The fragrance that she is wearing delightfully surrounds me
    The feel of her skin is silk in its epidermal glory
    A feeling that I would enjoy more of in the events that were to be before me
    She massages my shoulders and rubs on my chest
    I caress her neckline, and fondle her breast
    We both stop for a moment in our time of seating
    With eachothers hands on eachothers chest, to feel eachothers hearts beating
    The thumps that we feel as each second arrives
    Lets us know that we are very,... very much alive
    We resume our mutual caress, with a mutual purr
    She exploring more of me, and I, more of her
    More touching, more fondling, in the mood of calm histeria
    The touching and fondling covers more and more body area
    In the roaming of my hands, I hold the back of her head, though not amiss
    As our lips make contact, we open up to eachother, and we kiss
    Tounge and cheek, as our hands continue their frisk
    And soon, the chilly room turns out to be not as brisk
    I squeeze her *** like a firm showroom pillow
    As she lets out a soft moan, like the distant sound of a weeping willow
    Gently bitting my tounge, then pushing me back on the bed to lay
    Such were the actions of the dark skinned woman in the purple negligee

    By now, the smell of sweet burning incense filled the room
    That, mixed with the smell of the dark womans' sweet perfume
    Made for a pleasant olfactorial experience
    The two scents not clashing, or running interference
    As I lay back being blanketted by an essesence, feminine
    She lays forward and gently kisses my chin
    And then my lips, before rising, without a jeer
    Dark brown luciousness wrapped in satin, smooth and shear
    In her rising, she crawls upward, from my perspective
    Moving to a more erotic directive ...
    That excites me with each move that she makes
    Pressing my body with every move that she takes
    She moves her hips ever so forward, slowly up my body
    For what she has planned for me to do is very,... very naughty
    WIth her pelvis in close proximity to my visual space
    She raises up her gown, then gently sits on my face
    My mouth is greeted with unadulterated p*ssy, as she gently crouches down
    And lunges her pelvis in a smooth sweeping motion, slow and sound
    I move in kind, with a response that is well behaved
    And start licking the fringes of a p*ssy the is freshly cleaned and bathed
    I hold the bottoms of her thighs, just below her ***
    As she gently, yet forcefully lunges her pelvis with each sweeping pass
    In my tounge motion I touch her cl!toris and tounge it in a swirl
    The results of which causes her pelvis to twirl
    Stroking the underside of her cl!t, I lick, then take a sipple
    Then I start sucking on her pertrusion like I'm a baby sucking on a mother's nipple
    Oraly sexing dark-n-lovely while lying back on the bed
    All-the-while the skirt of her purple negligee is over my head
    She continues to lunge for a few moments more
    Feeding me a feast of p*ssy galore
    Then she stops for a spell and crawls back down me in a shimmyey-like sway
    And on my tounge is the taste of the dark woman in the purple negligee

    Back in an upright position, she sits on my lap, to indulge
    Grinding me through my satin pants, massaging my ercted buldge
    Very unselfish in her loving, never snubbing
    Warm lady fingers on my chest, kneeding and rubbing
    As she grinds my awaiting erectile mass
    My hands find a resting place, gripped to the lobes of her ***
    Then the dark damsel in her frilly purple satin lace
    Beckons me to sit up, and soon we are again face to face
    She swirls her freshly eaten p*ssy with her fingers, then she stops
    Puts index finger to my mouth, and I suck on the juices, every drop
    I suck on her finger like a childs lolly pop
    Getting a finger full of what I've just eaten a moment before, my head moves in a slow bop
    She slowly pulls her finger out of my mouth
    Then proceeds to undo my pants as she works me down south
    Weaving her fingers about, her erotic web is spun
    And before I know it, my satin pants are undone
    She raises her gown again, and with a p*ssy moist and slick
    She fits her warm wet feminine flower right on top of my d!ck
    Then covers up the area of her vaginal crown
    WIth the purple skirt of her silky satin gown
    She f*cks me as her pelvis moves in a very sexy way
    She hangs on to my shoulders as the motion makes our bodies sway
    I hold the small of her back as she takes her ride
    f*cking me, while I'm f*cking her deep inside
    Sitting up straight, in the company of wrinkled bedsheets
    We come together and allow our foreheads to meet
    As she lays it on me, and the passion purrs
    I bite my bottom lip, and she bit hers
    My eyebrows scrunch at the feeling of an arriving orgasm
    Meanwhile, the enchanting negress f*cks me up a fantasm
    And I pulsate and throb inside of a warm uterine array
    Still being f*cked by the dark woman in the purple negligee

    She moves in a controlled frenzy, as I c*m about
    Making my toes twitch, as I spurt and spout
    I grabbed her asscheeks as they swivled forward and back
    And like a trooper, she keeps mounting the attack
    Her eye close tightly as her orgasm succeeds
    c*mming so hard, she bites her bottom lip 'till it starts to bleed
    Distracted by her throbbing p*ssy that feels so imperial
    She c*ms white, leaving a wet spot on her satin material
    Holding eachother until our motion of intercourse is complete
    We make a mess of the wrinkled bedsheets
    Slowing the motion, still pleasuring me with her vault
    Still grinding, the motion comes to a halt
    She leans forward and again we meet at the forehead
    And if that was all that happens, then thats all that would be said
    Like an expert chess player that plays well its pawns
    Black beauty does something that keeps me turned on
    She dismounts me, then swirls that which is below the tummy
    Puts her finger in her mouth, sucks it, and say "Yummy"
    Tracing her lips and the small of her chin
    Sucking on the finger that in her p*ssy, she put in
    She takes her finger out of her mouth, places it on my awaiting tounge
    From me, there is a moan that is sung
    As I move to her mouth and take sips ...
    Of the blood, saliva, and c*m that rest on her lips
    I closed my eyes, and was kissing blind
    If I were to bite her, I don't think she would mind
    I ravaged her with kisses as she allowed me to taste ...
    The dew drops of sweat that now formed on her face
    She mounted me again, with a surety and trust
    I worship her with a **** and praise her with a thrust
    Sprung on her wiles and her erotic way
    I can't get enough of the dark skinned woman in the purple negligee

    Written by: K-JiO
    (c) 2001
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    I Wanna Know...

    have you ever considered writing
    romance novels

    i swear... *contacting Destee*


    Destee: "hello."

    PD: "um, yes, garlicsalt writes
    excellent novels"

    Destee: "for real, let me contact
    Delores Thornton in the next forum"

    PD: "LOL"
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    Salt you have crossed the

    line of no return. You betta have more than one of these in ya book. This was sexy and steamy. Kisses.
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    GS99 bows graciously to Poetic Delight and UbZoRbShUn :cool:
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    Hella :blob fire: to the read my brotha!!!!

    Excellent piece!!!

    :blob fire: like that no doubt!!!!

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    Ahh Oh Ma Goodness!!!!

    Cupping ma hand over ma mouth. Boyeee!, You bad, you real bad! This was tyte. Just really off da hook ma brotha. Ummm, you should put these short stories in a book. And have different subjects like love,romances, etc etc. You catch ma drift. Dayum! Garlicsalt,Has arrived ladies and gentlemen. He is now stepping out his limo onto the red carpet! Click! Click! Click! Go the cameras. Hey, Garlic turn over here. (striking a pose) A while later. And the winner is (for best novels in short stories) and (best seller) (opening up the envelope) K-jio or Garlic salt! ha ha ha. Yeah, I would like to thank the (afro fam) now (destee fam) for really just supporting me through all this. You know, ha ha ha
    Ok, I'll stop! ha ha ha. I agree with PD though You shyte is tyte. Mos Def. Still Listening
    (watching ya)
    Desert Storm
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    your erotic prose and poetry is always beautiful, and soooo satisfying!

    (lemme draw a line in the dirt so I can watch you step over it!)

    keep brangin it, brotha! :)