Black Poetry : Dark Bishop - Repost


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A blast from the Past when I had temporarily crossed over to the Dark Side.....

Feeling opposite of my normal routine
There is a side that is rarely seen
A side to not to be handled with out care
A side that says mess with me if you dare
You trying to get over by playing games
But you must have forgotten my name
Trying to disrespect a brotha, you think I’m some kinda clown
But girl feel the sting of my poetic smackdown
Even though words of love is what I convey
You failed to realize the sword swings both ways
So feel the flow of the Dark Bishop, and the words I must say
You fuzzy bumpy back and flea-bitten sleaze
There was a time when I would give you what you please
But now all you shall receive is a recommendation for extermination
Like Orkin I’m going to get the job done,
Never again shall you try to get over on Love’s favorite son
Thought you were angel food cake, but devil’s food is what I got
Now I regretting the day I met you, and the day I hit that spot
Didn’t know the rules of the game, but thought you could play me
Now suffer the consequences of he who lives by Love’s Sea
There’s a storm brewing and its coming for you
No where to run or hide, there’s nothing you can do
I’m gonna sweep you out over the waters drop you butt in
Watch yo head go bobbing around again and again
But I forgot you’re used to that
blowing up tires that are flat
cause under that diva exterior you’re just a sleaze
no real man wants you, you’re just community property
so I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted the game you tried to play
For it shall be your last when I catch yo *** at the end of this day.


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