Black Sports : d'antoni out @ nicks


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Mar 1, 2010
you are right on your points, but all I am saying is phil would bring a whole new system which would benefit ny. From other teams d'antoni has been on, his system is score, score, score. No defense! e.g phoenix. The triangle offense is solid and like all of phils teams before, if you perfect it you are destined a ring, granted you have the skill level to match (which ny does). History doesn't lie on that. The system sets the standard, so if the players don't like the system, they are unlikely to compete at a high level. Id give woodson a go tho, hes got atl to conference semi many times so he has a good track record.
I hear on phil. he would change the mindset and the climate. A championship mindset. Like I said if you could win a ring with this bunch, I'd change my view on coaches. Yes coaches, do make a difference, especially when you have players with talent or maybe not but they're buying in as well. Phil would definitely bring the right thing to NY coming back home and all. There would be tremendous pressure on him and the players.

Right Woodson is 3-0. I would like him to continue. I thought phil was through with coaching?? Anything can happen. We shall see.


From other teams d'antoni has been on, his system is score, score, score. No defense! e.g phoenix
Yes I did recognize that. That's I question skuderjaymes' perspective that d'antoni is a top 5. I wondered is that among active coaches? I would guess. I don't know


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Feb 22, 2004
If the Knicks keep playing well Woodson deserves a shot. The Knicks like big name coaches,Phil would fit that mold plus his championship experience. yes coaches do matter,granted Phil had Shaq but so did Del Harris. Tony Dungy got Peyton Manning his only ring,so a coach with that many rings would matter. but so far Woodsons Knicks look pretty nice!

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