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Sep 13, 2011
Dantoni is a top 5 NBA coach. The Knicks problem is ownership-based. Superstar based teams are the new fad in the Nba but they seldom work when the stars are already stars then put together. It was working well without Melo but Chandler is a better fit. And you have to understand the market potential of Jeremy Lin. The NBA wrapped itself around Lin to fulfill the promise of Yao Ming.. Access to the Asian markets.. International and domestic. Melo is just another rich black talented player.. He does not enlarge their market access. There are only a handful of quality coaches on pro ball.. The Knicks will regret this.
You do make a very valid point about the NBA and the Asian market, and they made good used of Lin in the 2 weeks of Linsanity. Though anyyone who knows basketball knows that wasn't going to last, because once the other NBA team figures Lin out, his numbers were going to drop, someone else would have to pick up the slack. The problem with D'antoni is that he had no backup plan to keep the team going. 2) He he could never incorporate Melo into his system like you said, the NBA is a superstar league, and the coach needs to be able to facilitates plays for his superstars. The first 3 losses of this 6 games slide was his fault. The second unit was playing well and got the team back in the games, then went and made some bogus substitutions and as a result the team lost all the games. The knicks organization as a whole did a bad job containing Linsanity as a result, the pressure for the team to perform overwhelms them. I think it's good decision because I never like his run and gun style of Basketball, because it's transition type of styles and good teams are going to make you play half court and slow the game down, and what that happens his teams always struggle. Melo now is going to face with huge burden now, the way things are going he may next on the line to go.


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Nov 2, 2009
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woodson no good?

I have no idea. I know D'antoni though.. I watched his teams play. I understand what his strengths and weaknesses are. I don't believe he quite over some losses.. not after all of the losses he's accumilated over the past couple of seasons.. his quiting most likely had something to do with Managament and the direction they wished to see the team go.. It's most likely as much to do with Lin as it is Melo.. we'll never know. But D'antoni will land in another spot next season for sure. Woodson should keep his bags packed.. Avery Johnson would be a good fit in NY.

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