Haiti : Danny Glover's Haiti film lacked 'white heroes', producers said


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Mar 22, 2004
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okay, I created a banner. If you guys want to start a fund to put it at the top of the forum we can do that and/or you can put it in your signature.

The banner features Toussant superimpsed on the Haitian flag. KEWL.

The URL for the banner is

If we can get enough folks interested in knowing when this film will come out then maybe Danny can turn it into leverage for getting funding. Interest = audience = money.

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Sep 7, 2009
We have to support this film in mass. It is only our own greed and unwillingness to sacrifice that allows white capitalists to keep us from telling our story.

There are too many alternative venues for Danny to allow the film industry to dictate what can and cannot be done.
White capitalist who do not spend their money to tell our story are not keeping us from telling our story. We have to spend our money to tell our story. To even expect them to tell our story, unless there is $omething in it for them, is very unrealistic. Telling our story will not look favorable upon them, so unless there is $ome incentive for them to do so, it ain't gonna happen. But, just because THEY don't spend their money, that in and of itself is in no way keeping us from telling our story.

We do have to be realistic. Very few people of "means" set out to tell a story purely for the informational value of the story. Most people of "means" set out to tell a story because it has some informational value AND it will generate enough interest to turn a profit. Black Atheletes, entreprenuers, and entertainers are no different. They don't want to DONATE funding to tell a story that they are not convienced will generate enough interest to turn a profit. So, Danny need to approach the right people with the right message. That message is not only that it is a great story that should be told, but that it is a great story that needs to be told and that audiences will want to see it in MASS!


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Apr 21, 2007
Ooooh good cast...minus Snipes...But I will definitely see it...Hope it makes it to theaters, instead of straight to DVD.
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