Black Poetry : Dance With Me

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    I sat there alone in a croud of people
    watching and waiting for something to happen
    something had happened
    you could sense it in every movement
    but hope was not to be denied
    as people moved like grass in the wind
    sliding across the floor to a musical beat
    why am I here I thought to myself
    to have taken the journey to New York
    and offer everything I had
    only to sit by and see life move on
    my eyes watching the shoes glaring at me
    because I sit quietly
    I never wanted to dance there
    I only watched
    watched as they moved
    a mockery of happiness perhaps
    and like a snap I see the floor again
    as if my eyes were drawn back
    to see the tiles and the contrast
    the empty spaces
    and from above you could see it
    dozens of colored spots in motion
    moving from side to side
    a harmony in their chaos
    except the two irregular dots
    near the wall just sitting there
    and I saw her
    the other watcher
    she was being mocked like me
    by the feet that filled the floor
    and you could plainly see her blank stare
    a stare that stretched across the room
    to settle on my eyes
    and for a moment we were connected
    hallowed hearts holding a conversation
    but she was staring through me
    as I was her
    eyes penetrating thoughts
    two minds searching for something
    and our legs straightened toward the ground
    she took a step I repeated
    echo's deafening the music
    until I thought it wasn't there
    the dancer's steps fading into nothingness
    a dizzying feeling arose
    as the floor lost it's silence
    and she stepped forward again
    but she was not walking
    she glided across the room
    legs bent and body arched beautifully
    as she stepped through the croud
    and all through we grew closer
    she came at last
    past the groups of moving people
    how I hoped someone would stop us
    come between us while we flew
    to talk and lead us away
    wished I had never seen her
    but I did
    and there she was
    standing there next to me
    her hands ajusting her hair
    as her feet unwound
    it was like magic to me
    two souls unmoving
    unable to speak
    among a sea of color and sound
    whispering the voice came
    sliding through the air
    velveteen yet solemn in it's simplicity
    caught up from here beautiful lips
    lips slightly parted
    just open enough to give a glimpse of white
    and the tip of a tongue
    "is there something wrong" she uttered
    "is there anything right" was the answer
    our eyes still locked
    a single tear welling above her cheek
    one of many to have came and gone
    "dance with me" my voice sliced the echo
    it caressed and kissed
    and I could hear all to clearly
    the slow rustle of her skirts
    as my hands took the lead
    I guided her across the floor
    moving as one through the chaos
    and without a sound I spoke to her
    I showed her a dream
    just one of many
    theres numerous to count
    each different and impossible to tell twice
    sequences of my life
    memories of everything and nothing
    but I only told her one
    a story of people brought together
    of the millions and the few
    the hero's and the holocausts
    and the bonds that grow from the rubble
    as we moved and carressed
    danced together
    and somehow I knew why I came here
    from across the thousands of miles
    for nothing more
    then just to know her
    to comfort her
    to love her
    and cry with her
    if only for a fleeting time
    so we stayed in that moment
    together in passion and dispair
    living on for those who couldn't
    and I felt forever changed
    but I know inside
    this was me all along

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    very well said in motion